“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

The StoveShelf™ story is no different.  Years ago, I was living in a small apartment with very limited kitchen counter space.  With a large spice rack occupying most of the counter top next to the stove, I was desperate to gain more storage space, but how?  As a tenant, I couldn’t mount a shelf to the backsplash – and even if I had owned the unit, drilling into tile didn’t sound like a great idea.  I quickly realized the entire top of the stove itself was wasted space!  But how would I affix a shelf to a stove that didn’t belong to me?  MAGNETS!  Not long after enjoying my enlarged kitchen storage space, I thought others might benefit from having a StoveShelf™ as well, and the rest is history.  For more information, visit our FAQ page, or to get StoveShelf™ for your kitchen, Shop now!