StoveShelf – White – 30″ Length

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  • ✅ INSTANT STORAGE RACK – Give your kitchen a clean and tidy look! StoveShelf is a magnetic shelf that quickly attaches to your stove, providing a sturdy storage space for condiments, spices, oils, and decor.
  • ✅ INSTALLS IN SECONDS – There’s no need to purchase special adhesives or drill multiple holes into your kitchen walls. Just place this magnetic spice rack on top of your stove and you’re all set.
  • ✅ SECURE, WOBBLE-FREE FIT – Store all your condiments and spices without worrying about the shelf giving way. StoveShelf is fitted with silicone encased neodymium magnets that keep it securely attached while protecting your stove.
  • ✅ FITS MOST STOVES – Measuring 30″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″, StoveShelf is designed to fit both flat and slightly curved stoves. The magnets can also be re-positioned for a custom fit.
  • ✅ HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE – Cleaning this magnetic kitchen organizer is a breeze. Made in the USA, StoveShelf is extra durable and the stainless steel body withstands rust, odors, stains, and corrosion.

***Due to the manufacturing process, there is a small hole in the upper left corner of both the black and white powder coated finishes.***

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StoveShelf™ White – Installs onto your kitchen stove via high quality, rare earth magnets and our patent-pending design.  Don’t drill into your backsplash to gain more kitchen storage space. StoveShelf™ is compatible with both flat and curved 30” kitchen stoves.  Made in America. Hand wash only.

***Never worry about return shipping fees, simply contact us through the website, and we’ll provide you with a prepaid shipping label.  Your satisfaction is our top priority.***




Additional information

Product dimensions

30″ L x 3.5″ D x 1.5″ H



1046 reviews for StoveShelf – White – 30″ Length

  1. bagel

    Best thing I never knew I needed

    Super strong magnets. All you have to do it put it on the stove. No assembly. The best thing I never knew I needed for keeping the things I use all the time in easy reach.

  2. Craig

    Perfect fit

    For me this is perfect because I have the exact same oven that is pictured in the advertisement. And just like in the picture it fits and looks absolutely PERFECT. Its well made. You wont be disappointed.

  3. nrow34

    Love it

    Love it! It fits my stove perfectly! The only thing I wish ot had was a lip that things will not fall off on to the stove. I haven’t had any issues with that. But I’m just saying that would be great. Over all I am very happy with this product.

  4. Sunny98382

    Love it!

    This shelf clings to my Samsung gas oven perfectly. I only wish it is a little deeper to get closure to my backsplash. It is about 1 1/2 inches from the wall. It is heavy duty and shiny! Looks like it came with the stove.

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  5. NIna cook

    Great gadget

    Love it

  6. Kathy T

    Nice shelf

    Nice shelf, love the added storage space. Keeps items from falling behind range. I rated 4 stars only because I believe this is pretty pricey for what you get. Except for price, this is a nice, sturdy shelf. Magnets are strong.

  7. Rita M. Cooper

    Prevents items from falling off back/top of stovetop

    Great option for storing several seasoning bottles at back of stovetop

  8. DebF

    Very sturdy and practical

    This is just what I was looking for! So practical. It’s sturdy and has a strong magnet to hold in place. I am very pleased with this purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  9. Amazon Customer

    Awesome product!

    One of the best products ever – this stove shelf is magnetic so no tools – it has a lip on the back so items can’t slip off & fall behind the stove & plus it gave me 75% more useable space on top of my stove

  10. Debbie


    Love it would recommend ♥️

  11. Cindy

    Looks great and adds more room

    I really like the way this shelf looks and it does add extra space for my salt/pepper shakers and other small items. My stove is slanted so it doesn’t hold as much as I like because I am afraid it will fall backwards.Would buy again

  12. Kaeti


    Its a bit deeper than my stove’s top where the controls are, but the magnets hold it in place just right. I put my salt and pepper shakers onto of the little ledge and was worried that I would have a pile of salt behind the stove! But this shelf is the answer and is perfect for holding spices and my salt and pepper shakers! I can actually put a lot more stuff up there. An oven timer, and a lot of other spices. And it’s easy to clean!

  13. Robert P. Wetsel

    Wonderful product. My counter space was limited and this …

    Wonderful product. My counter space was limited and this just cleared a lot of space up! It also looks great – Love the stainless. I use mine to store oils and spices and also added a salt rock lamp.

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  14. KimH

    Great Sokutuib

    It connects through a magnet so there is no install. Works perfectly.

  15. Destiny

    Must buy.

    Looks great on my stove. Awesome product.

  16. Audrey

    Great product.

    We love this product. It works perfect.

  17. Deb

    Stove shelf

    Matches and fits beautifully!

  18. Dean VandenBurg

    Great product, excellent quality

    Great product, excellent quality! I have limited storage space in my kitchen and it definitely helped with that. Wish I’d had this at my last place!

  19. Amy Sippel

    Five Stars

    Fits perfectly and is very sturdy. Looks fantastic on my stove!

  20. Zach Johnson

    Five Stars

    Perfect space saver for my kitchen, and the quality is great for the price.

  21. DreamyJeanie

    Finally a perfect solution

    Wow! This is a very nice shelf! Fits my stove perfectly. Magnets are strong and sturdy. No installation required. Open box, unwrap, stick on stove.

  22. jeffrey andersen

    I have a curved top surface it rests on 5 second installation level and sturdy.

    works perfectly. I have a curved top surface it rests on 5 second installation level and sturdy.

  23. SimplyHM

    Not a good fit for a curved range top so be sure to check before purchase

    It does not fit nicely if the range top is curved. The magnet strip should be slightly longer or wider; otherwise, even a light cleaning (I mean, taking a swipe and wiping stains off) will shift this shelf around. I like the look and feel; just not very impressed with the fitting.

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  24. Cathy Howell


    Sturdiness and very easy to install.?

  25. CecilB

    Exactly as pictured. Easy to install!

    Came ready to go. Just remove from box & install on your stove!

  26. Glen T Roberts

    Extra storage space

    No more knocking things off the top of the range. Provides nice easy shelf for frequently used spices

  27. brokenhalo4ever

    Great buy to add space and storage!

    this is amazing! I was trying to find ways to “find” more space in my little kitchen. This works amazing.

  28. L. Millar

    Cool shelf

    The back of my stove is only about an inch wide, so this did not work for me. However, my friend saw it and thought it was cool so she got one for herself since she has the right stove for it (most stoves are, mine is unique). She loves it.

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  29. Kindle Customer

    Easiest update ever!

    Even the shipping box was easy to open – 3 tapes to cut!Pops securely onto the stove back, very solid.Looks like it’s part of the stove!

  30. Amazon Customer

    Strong and Easy

    I can store my favorites seasonings and oils on top of the stove with no worries anything with fall

  31. Amazon Customer

    So functional!!

    Every stove should have one of these. It’s nice to have a place to set your spices when you are cooking. It is easy to clean and has plenty of storage space. Everyone should on this!

  32. Larry Bunce

    wish I had one in the old home

    Moved to a smaller home so this is great for keeping spices on hand.

  33. Sylvia J.

    This shelf is just what I needed!

    The shelf installed in a snap. It has two sturdy magnets that hold it securely onto the slightly rounded back of my stove. I felt comfortable setting a full jar of honey on it, and I haven’t seen it move at all as I have been cooking. I have limited space in the kitchen, so I’m really happy to have an additional place to set things I need frequently. It doesn’t look like an add-on; it looks like part of the stove. I’m really happy with it!

  34. Sylvia C Motta


    Created more space for my kitchen. Easy for me to see what i’m missing when grocery shopping

  35. tds

    Perfect Solution

    The shelf sits flush, magnets hold it snug. Perfect addition for spices and oils within reach. The first delivery was damaged by USPS (I’m pretty sure) but Scott from Stove Shelf Customer Service quickly ordered a replacement. Great product and great customer service!

    One person found this helpful

  36. Nina Frequent Shopper

    Arrived dented

    Sturdy material, with very strong magnets to keep in place. But I am disappointed it came with a noticeable defect. The metal is bent and is much too thick for me to try and straighten out without scratching paint. Also, have no idea what the hole is for, there were no instructions or screws. Is this maybe to anchor to wall?? If so, it’s not needed. It’s just an eye sore.Debating whether or not return it, or if I can live with these little issues that, for most is no big deal, but for me and my OCD is super annoying!

    One person found this helpful

  37. T. Hahn

    Nice shelf easy to install

    I really like this product. It is unbelievably easy to install, if you want to call it installing, you simply place it on your stove and as long as there is metal on the back control area of your stove you’re done. The only thing I would have liked is a lip on the front edge. My stove has a slight decline towards the burners and items placed on the shelf gradually work their way to the edge. I solved this by placing a double sided adhesive magnetic strip across the front but honestly if they would just form the front edge up instead of down it would stop the issue.

  38. BasenjiGirl

    Magnetic Stove Shelf for Kitchen Stove Provides Great Storage for High Use Items

    I use the magnetic stove shelf for a scented candle, salt and pepper shakers and my vinegar decanter. I use the shakers and the vinegar every meal, so the shelf provides easy access and storage for these items. The shelf was a snap to install–just take it out of the package and stick it on the stove. It’s very sturdy and easy to clean. I highly recommend it. The magnet is strong and holds really well.

  39. Jon & Kel

    The Perfect Finishing Touch

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this oven back shelf is awesome. I had a mishap once where a full bottle of cooking oil ended up shattered on the kitchen floor…behind the oven. That’s not even possible now. It makes all my cooking necessities look so nice and neat, easy to clean, stable. Really added a nice finishing touch to my kitchen.

    One person found this helpful

  40. Tanya W.

    Easy and Perfect

    Honesty perfect, take out of box, set in place. I have spices and cooking oil on it. Wish I had bought this sooner!

  41. Pinot

    Great quality

    Neat idea

  42. Deanne Azzurro

    Perfect solution to a problem.

    The shelf fit perfectly. Has enough space for a few items but it can certainly hold more. Is definitely effective in covering the space between the wall and stove.

  43. dmawisconsin

    Looks great, works exactly as described.

    Easy to install, love how it looks, adds a little more storage space to my crowded little kitchen! Highly recommend it!!!

  44. Terrence Mccarthy

    Solves a problem elegantly

    Current model, inexpensive stoves all seem to leave a significant gap to the rear wall. This product fixes that in one minute, and it provides a light use shelf that will be handy for some purpose. This is so much less expensive than custom metal work — it is a sensible solution.

  45. Deborah Di Benedetto

    There is a slight slant to it I put some magnetic strips under it to level it up some.

    Nothing to dislike !!! Love it gives my stove a whole new look

  46. Amanda

    Not very sturdy. But okay.

    My stove, like most, is curved at the top so it’s not 100% sturdy. It does the job. I put some shelf liner in there to help steady things.

  47. Hadocke

    Doesn’t work on curved stove

    Although I purchased the more expensive option that is advertised to work on a slightly curved stove …it simply does not sit correctly. The magnets do not extend down far enough to stabilize so it just tilts back. It gets too warm from the stove heat for glue or tape to work.

  48. amazon

    Really good space saver.

    The magnet is VERY strong. And the shelf is very stable… I managed to declutter some of the kitchen coutnertop… Highly recommend it.

  49. Barb Dienhart


    OMG, this passed my expectations! A good solid piece and beautiful to look at. Love it!!

  50. Teresa M Kunkowski

    Stove shelf

    Just got it. Only had it a couple days. So far so good. Happy.

  51. Jackie Dorsey

    Why didn’t I think of this before now?

    Couldn’t be easier to install. Very nice to not have things slide off.

  52. tamrashop

    Try this it’s wonderful- just enough storage above the range

    Try this it’s wonderful

  53. Amazon Customer


    Since the magnets are basically all in the middle, it doesnt adhere correctly and easily slids off. Magnets would be better on the ends and vertical. I ended up folding over duck tape to make both sides sticky and ran it the length and adhered it that way.

  54. JJones

    Super easy to install

    I couldn’t ask for more. Sturdy and well made, you just set this on top of your stove and start adding items as needed. Holds even the large “Club size” seasonings but they may need to be turned sideways.

  55. Denise B.

    No more space between

    This is the greatest! The magnet is fantastic!So easy to use. I love it! Looks like it belongs to my range.

  56. Molady


    Exactly what I needed for the space between stove and wall. No more “disappearing” spice bottles.

  57. troyboy

    sturdy, well made, great product..where has this been..easy to clean..just great

    fits great….wow I really needed this!! interesting fact..if you have a light or toggle switch on top of stove this wont work…

  58. Luv shoes

    Great storage capacity.

    Looks great right above the stove. I placed my condiments on this magnetic shelf since I don’t have lots of storage space.

  59. Kathy H

    So easy…

    to use. It attaches by magnet. It holds quite a bit. I keep the sprays and seasonings I use most often right over the stovetop.

  60. Genevieve Correa

    Holds what I need.

    Love it

  61. B. Morin

    It works.

    Nice little edge to keep stuff from falling off the back of the stove.

  62. Kyser

    Really great way to save space

    Fast shipping for something that’s not on prime. Looks great, fits great, super pleased. First one came dented from USPS and they shipped out a replacement super quick. Would order again.

  63. FriendlyGnat

    Easiest improvement in my kitchen

    So simple, so wonderful.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Love love this shelf

    Love love this shelf, fit well. I have a 4.5 inch space between my stove do to a gas pipe that I don’t use and is very expensive to have removed, an inch or so more would be nice.. Its great as is and I would definitely recommend this product.

    One person found this helpful

  65. J.M.I.

    Won’t be gifting this

    The magnets didn’t work on my stove for some reason. I ended up using double sided adhesive, the kind that claims to hang wall frames without peeling the walls. Was a little disappointed, but overall glad to have the extra shelf.

  66. LTL

    Attaches easily. Looks great!

    Attaches easy. Provides tbe perfect space to display some of my special things. Looks great!

  67. Dorothea Taylor


    Very functional space saver.

  68. Riverbruce

    works great on new stove

    the wife loves it

  69. Michael McDermott

    Perfect for a small apartment with little storage

    I have a spice rack above my stove now and it is perfect. Out of the box and onto the stove and that’s it, easiest installation ever. Sturdy and well machined it looks good and does the job.

  70. Deborah L. Herrington

    Great Look

    Used this on top of my stove to prevent items from falling behind the stove. Blends perfectly with my stove, seamless, easily installed, and sturdy.

  71. J-Alz

    Love it.

    Love it

  72. George Efremidis

    I should have brought this sooner

    Very sturdy, large(fits many items) and easy to install.Just place it on top of your control dials.

  73. Cassy

    StoveShelf is really an awsume company. Their product is is a good product.

    I liked everything. You just put on the back of the stove and set your items on it. I’m really happy with it.

  74. Brooke Scott

    Worth it!

    Super simple. Just popped it right on and it was done

  75. c brown

    Made for my stove!!!

    Absolutely ?. Fits perfectly with super strong magnets to attach to stove. Just what was needed for back of my stove and the wall.

  76. Draper Family

    Just what I was looking for

    This is just what I wanted. Easy to wipe down, nothing falls behind the stove and it looks nice.

  77. Deborah Rosas

    Strong magnetic stove shelf.

    Absolutly love this shelf. I was worried about the light switchon top of my stove interfering with the shelf but it didn’t effect it at all. The shelf is magnetic that holds tight to my stove.

  78. Ken Huber

    Excellent shelf

    Strong magnics and fits perfectly

  79. Amazon Customer

    Nice, but why does it have a hole?

    It was packaged nicely and not damaged at all. The magnetic is nice and strong. It’s not a super slick surface, so things aren’t just sliding right off. My only complaint is the random hole on the end? IMO it cheapened the look. I stuck a black magnet behind it, to close it off. I’m going to try and think of something better/shinier to add there.

  80. javajanet

    It can be used even without magnetism,

    I loved this shelf and was annoyed with myself when I realized my new stove’s “ledge” where my new beloved shelf was to rest, was not magnetic! My mistake. I wanted this shelf to work…so I used two “Command Strips” on the underside of the shelf, where there were two magnets. I removed the magnets and attached the Command strips instead. PERFECT!! I love this shelf for my salt & peppers and cute things. So glad I bought it. If your stove isn’t magnetized, you can still use this handy shelf! LOVE IT!

    One person found this helpful

  81. Patricia A. Feather


    No complaints, it’s just what I needed on my stove for more storage. A breeze to install and it fits just right.

  82. Teresa E Starnes

    Great Product

    I purchased this for my storage on the back of my stove. Unfortunately, I could not use it because the top of my stove is a type of coated aluminum. Not magnetic – ugh! I was able to have my money refunded with no problem and am sad that I could not use it.

  83. Amazon Customer

    I am spoiled now

    I saw someone have this in their home and just had to have one of my own. It is so nice having the extra room for holding my salt and pepper and some spices in the shelf. I don’t know how I lived without one. No more dropping stuff behind the stove anymore.

  84. Jason Reyes

    Sturdy but has sharp edges

    Really great product and looks good. -1 Star because I sliced off a tiny piece of finger when wiping my hand across the bottom while cleaning.

  85. Babs54

    No more shakers falling off

    Love this stove shelf! All my salt/pepper shakers and timers fit nicely on it. The best part is that it’s level so my shakers are leaning backwards. Shelf is stainless steel and very well made.

  86. Kathleen T Pratt

    Space saver

    Needed space for spices

  87. Dakota Ngo

    Perfect kitchen item

    It fit perfectly on my stove and I didn’t do any measuring beforehand. Very sturdy.

  88. Felicia


    Just set shelf on ledge and it stays in place. I love the shelf holds my small canisters and salt and pepper.

  89. Pen Name

    Super easy & sturdy

    This is the easiest set up I’ve done it is perfect fit & very sturdy! Highly recommend.

  90. KenB

    Great shelf yo use otherwise wasted space

    I absolutely love this shelf! What a clever idea to use what was wasted space above the back of the oven. The magnets are very strong to keep the shelf sturdy & it’s a well made piece!

  91. Dawn Hunter

    Love this stove shelf

    so easy to install. Looks great. Perfect for spices. Added convenience .

  92. Amazon Customer

    Would recommend

    The picture depicted the item we received and it fits nicely. Gives extra usable space on range top and keeps things from falling behind the range. We ordered the stainless and we ate very pleased.

  93. Keri

    Great idea!

    What a great idea. Love the extra storage.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Great Item

    Great item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. IceDevil200

    Eh, OK. Bad engineering.

    Magnets were laying loose in package. Large glue gobs where they evidently were supposed to be but it appears manufacturer used a glue not suitable for holding magnets, ridiculous. Two stars because I was able to make it work by using the weight of items on top of the shelf to hold it in place. Installed mine backwards otherwise everything fell off the no-lip front.

    One person found this helpful

  96. Amazon Customer

    Works Great!

    Works great. Had to pull oven out a bit more from the wall to allow to see instrument panel – deeper than stove shelf. Love it!

  97. D. A. Forte

    Love it!

    This shelf fit perfectly over my stove giving me just enough space for additional storage in my kitchen.

  98. Dr Sam

    Happy wife, happy life

    The shelf was of good construction and material–heavy gage steel. It has a lip on the back that keeps things from falling off and down the wall behind the stove. The magnets are strong and hold the shelf in place. My wife liked it and is happy and quit nagging me to do something about the salt and pepper shakers behind the stove. Now you know the rest of the story…happy wife, happy life.

  99. J. A.

    Great Value

    It really does the trick! I was going to make one after getting a new stove, but found these, the lip on the back prevents items from falling behind the stove, it attaches firmly with included magnets.

    2 people found this helpful

  100. Amazon Customer

    Check your plastic vs metal ratio. Mine didn’t fit

    Check stove in advance for location of the metal. Was unable to install on my stove cause the shelf backside did not reach the metal on the back of my stove. And the top of my stove had thicker plastic than I realized so shelf doesn’t stick

  101. steve papacostas

    Easy to installnand looks good

    Came ahead of time, easy to istall, just sits on top of the range, and the magnets seem to have enough strength tokeep it in place. looks good, is functional and a breeze to clean.

  102. Nancy Maldonado

    Roomy shelf

    I like that this shelf makes room for storing the essential and necessary things you need quickly like your salt shaker.

  103. buttercreeme

    Great fit

    This worked great but I did add a a set of command strips to the back to keep it in place better as it tended to tip enough for things to slide off. Perfect. I did NOT use the one little screw that came with it.

  104. Lori H

    Sturdy and strong

    I really love this product! It’s heavy and sturdy. I can put quite a few items on it.

  105. Jayne

    Sturdy and well made

    Even on a minor magnetic top still sturdy and useful for wall to stove gap

  106. TheLewises

    Rattles sometimes

    Sometimes rattles on top of stove as we walk by…

  107. Cathy


    This is a little pricey for what it is but I really like it!!

  108. e s stclaire

    More space. Exactly what I needed.

    I have a very small kitchen and barely any cupboard space. Spices were constantly getting lost. Now I have then at my fingertips. Will made, sturdy shelf.

  109. Mary Deis

    Works great!

    Sturdy and works great even on my oven which has a curved top. The stainless steel matches the oven so it blends in – people don’t even know that its a separate piece. Great for organizing the cabinets!

  110. K. S. Nickens

    Solved a problem

    Used this to cover the gap between the back wall and my LG slide-in range. Fits nicely (set an angle against stove top and back wall) without covering the ranges vent holes. Easy to clean (just remove, clean and put back).Not purchased as a stove top storage rack.

  111. K. Gilbert

    great storage solution

    easy to install and works really well

  112. Lovella Patterson

    Handy Shelf

    Love this shelf, it gets my seasonings of the counter. I like to rotate my seasonings. Its very sturdy also. Very pleased with the product

    One person found this helpful

  113. Truc Nguyen

    5 star!!!!!

    Easy to install and look good! High recommend!

  114. Carolyn Williams


    It needs a little shield in the front, to keep spices from slipping off.

  115. W G

    Basic and works perfectly

    It’s a magnetic stovetop shelf, not a lot of room for error. That being said, it looks great, attaches really easily, and seems very durable. It didn’t add a whole lot of room to my stovetop but the small amount it added, coupled with the rear flange/lip that keeps things from falling behind the stove, is fantastic. Thanks for a great product!

  116. Amazon Customer

    This has been the best!


  117. Nicole A.


    Is exactly what I expected….good purchase.

  118. UserNY

    Worth buying

    I would have given it 5 stars however I never factored in the about of space between the top of my stove and the bottom of my microwave. Because of this I can only fit very small things on the shelf. It does however give my stove a nice finish. I am only disappointed in my self.

  119. KDsm

    Great little shelf especially for a small kitchen.

    This little shelf comes ready to install, took less than a minute to open & place. I put it on backwards from how the company shows it because I wanted the lip to keep things from falling onto the stove top. I love having my favorite spices/seasonings close by and it keeps my counters clear. Saves space in my spice cupboard too. Strong magnets, it doesn’t slide around. I would recommend it.

  120. Heather

    Added storage

    We just moved to a smaller house losing so much storage was difficult this gives me some of that space back. It looks sleek, the magnets are strong, in fact you better have your fingers out of the way when you put it down.

  121. kellylynn

    best over the stove shelf

    I like to put my most used seasoning up ontop of my stove and now I don’t have to worry about them falling behind the stove!! love this!

  122. Dianne H

    Like it and would recommend it.

    The top of my stove is curved, wish this could be better fitted and also just a little deeper some items hang over the edge.

  123. Heather chapman

    As advertised

    So glad I bought this! It’s perfect!

  124. Amazon Customer

    So perfect!

    I love this! I have a super tiny kitchen and this allows me to put some things on top of the stove instead of on the counter or in the cabinet. I put it in reverse so that the ledge prevents me from somehow accidentaly knocking the stuff off. A must for space saving!

  125. AAB in OH

    Perfect fit on along the back of the stovetop

    I unpacked the shelf, lined it up with the stove and set it in place. Perfect. Great little shelf for salt & pepper, seasonings. Very convenient.

  126. barbmccaffrey

    StoveShelf! Excellent Product! 5 STARS!!

    I just received my StoveShelf in the mail today! I love it!! Wish I would have found it years ago! It adds lots of space, such a nice touch to a spot I could never use! My stove does not go all the way to the back wall so I could not even prop a candle or anything on the back of the stove. This is so awesome!! Very attractive and well made!

    2 people found this helpful

  127. Michael M.

    Four Stars

    Good product

  128. Kat

    I absolutely love this shelf

    I absolutely love this shelf. It fit securely on top of my stove, and makes my spices easy to reach.

  129. RufBoy


    Amazing i wish I would have known about this item sooner I swear I’m telling everyone i know to get one !

  130. Robert P. Wetsel

    Clothed my Stove

    My kitchen was naked without it.

    One person found this helpful

  131. K. Prince

    Wish I would have known these existed before!

    Super nice product, easy to put on, very strong and looks like it belongs there.

  132. jo

    Great for holding spices

    The in problem was that it covered my oven light switch. Other than that it served its purpose

  133. J.I.D


    Serves its purpose

  134. E. A. Gharagozlou

    Way better than I expected!

    We have a Samsung, and someone posted a picture about the magnets maybe affecting their sensors (the image showed a Samsung) We’ve had ZERO issues! The shelf is sturdy, holds a lot, and closes the gap between my wall and our stove nicely so things don’t fall back there (we have a raised power outlet on the floor, can’t move stove all the way to wall). Definitely recommend!

  135. Kindle Customer

    sad shelf

    Extremely disappointed– though it said it would fit my oven, does not. And though we might be able to modify it to fit ourselves. the glued on rubber things (mine had no magnets in the box at all) for the price I don’t feel I should even have to do any modifications to it to make it work.

    3 people found this helpful

  136. Amazon Customer

    Very useful!

    This little shelf has been great! I have a gas stove and naturally there’s a decent gap between it and the wall. We are in military housing so I don’t have a lot of options to install or modify things, so this has been a great help. I keep a small recipe holder, my 4 or 5 most used spices and a mug with a couple of whisks on it. It doesn’t move around. Fits great.

  137. Kelley K. Lamb

    Easy to install and great added storage

    Super sturdy with VERY powerful magnets. I just popped it right over the back of the stove and put my most used spices on it. Great for small kitchens to get things off counters. Easy to clean too.

  138. Amazon Customer


    As advertised – the product ‘installs’ in literally seconds, and it saved us feet on our countertops. Excellent design, durable, and stylish – looks as if it’s built into the stove itself. A++!

  139. ricksdevils



  140. Leigh

    Very nice stove shelf

    This is a quality shelf. Just wish it had front lip as my soup cups tend to walk forward. I lost 1 when walked off & broke. I now check them daily & push them back.

  141. Dana


    Excellent shelf for over the stove decorative items.

  142. crudfoot


    Looks like the factory installed it! Blends in with the look of the stove.

  143. Carl Hutchens

    Looks good, but

    Shelf looks really nice, but not as sturdy as you would think. Magnets are very small and doesn’t hold well.

  144. Christine Thieme

    The fit and quality are unsurpassed!

    What an amazing product! Magnets are solid and unwavering, material is stellar, fit is exactly what we needed! The funny part, is that when the package arrived, I noticed it was manufactured 40 minutes from our home. Great invention Wisconsin! ?

  145. Rave Ono

    Very useful. Completes finished look.

    Quite functional. Fit & finish perfect. Have to take off one star for broken, unattached ceramic rare earth magnets. I reattached them with epoxy(took about 5 min plus curing time), but the manfacturer should be able to properly attach them.The finished look is perfect, and so handy.

  146. Jacki

    Great Cook’s Shelf!

    Simple to install and gives a nice finished look to the range. Allows for extra storage and easy access to oils, vinegars, seasonings and other essential cooking items.

  147. CLE

    Stove Shelf

    This is exactly what I needed. I turned the shelf around so I would have a lip in the front to keep things from sliding off. My stove has a curve and leans a little forward. Also test the top of your stove to make sure it is not aluminum. Mine was and the magnets did not work. So added Velcro command strips to keep it on.

    3 people found this helpful

  148. Anita D. Huber

    Functionality is ZERO.

    It looks great on stove to elviate some of the space between wall and stove. Functionality is zero as it won’t hold salt & pepper shakers without falling backward. If I had known this I wouldn’t have purchased.

    3 people found this helpful

  149. Sidia A. Atencio

    Good magnetic, stay in place

    Love it

  150. Janet Hansen

    Best addition to stove!

    Love this! It really added a shelf to my stove top. Convenient for salt & pepper, oil & my favorite spices!

  151. Nikki

    Really great addition to the kitchen!

    Worked perfectly, even on my very curved stove! The magnets are the perfect width apart to fit on any straight or curved stove back, and are strong and sturdy. The shelf is wide enough I could double-row my spices if needed, which is great. Super happy that my 5’3 self no longer has to reach into the high cabinet for her spices!

  152. Lorrie Kuss

    Absolutely Perfect!

    Absolutely love this! Bonus is the magnets underneath also hold my salt and pepper shakers securely, as they are in metal sleeves. I give it 5 stars all the way!

    2 people found this helpful

  153. Belle Varney

    Measure your stove. I thought they were all same width so didn’t even.

    The shelf is considerably shorter than width of stove (at least 6 inches!) When shopping for stoves, it was a rare one that was more narrow. This shelf is meant for a mini stove!

  154. Carla Hall

    it was very nice. but I need them to stay on longer …

    My shelf just arrived and I was so excited to get it. I opened the box and both magnets were off. I have tried gluing them twice already but when I put it on the stove top, the magnets pull off and then the shelf wobbles. For the minute that the magnets stayed on, it was very nice. but I need them to stay on longer than a minute.

    One person found this helpful

  155. DixieDame

    Good quality product

    Fits good; looks nice.

  156. Edward


    amazing nothing more to say

  157. Amazon Customer

    smart & sharp

    magnets hold it in place solidly & i’m really happy to have a spot for tools & spices

  158. Amazon Customer

    Stove top shelf

    Very strong, stays in place and has a ridge so things will not fall to the back of stove

  159. dkh

    Just what I wanted for spices!

    I love the shelf. It looks great on the back of my new stainless steel cooking stove. The is a gap behind my stove and the shelf tilted backwards a bit. I just added thicker magnets toward the back of the shelf until the shelf was level and moved the existing magnets toward the front. Works like a charm!

    One person found this helpful

  160. RCFanatic

    Great addition to the stop of our stove

    Perfect fit. Super easy to install. The shelf is adequate in size. Holds our salt and pepper as well as spoon rest with ease. Recommend it .

  161. Amazon Customer

    Looks great

    Love our stove shelf. Looks like it’s part of the stove, holds the items we have to on the shelf and easy to clean

  162. Amazon Customer

    I recommend this!!!

    I love this product, it’s great that I don’t have stuff sitting around the stove.

  163. Amazon Customer

    I love this shelf

    Wonderful shelf. Looks like it’s part of the stove

  164. Dvitz

    Very useful shelf

    Holds with magnets on top of the stove back piece. Makes a great shelf, the is still easy to remove and clean

  165. RKD

    Fantastic Space Saver

    Works fantastic! Frees up some cupboard space to keep spices handy. Simply magnetizes the top of the stove and easy to install.

  166. Janie Gurley

    10 out of 10 I would buy this again

    Love it!!! Just what I wanted. It looks great and like it was a part of the stove. 10 out of 10 I would buy this again

  167. Za


    Just what I needed & wanted, magnets are really strong. Great for my tiny galley kitchen with no space, it provides a extra shelf for things. Love how it looks

  168. Angela Bucella

    Full refund

    So far the customer service has been great. Unfortunately my product arrived bent! But, I received a full refund for my order and didn’t have to return the bent shelf. I’ve ordered a new one, again. I’ll update this when it arrives (shipping takes a while!). I’m excited to have this shelf; although it was bent and didn’t fit properly, I could tell that it will be good fit for my stove and the magnets are pretty strong.

  169. Darrell Gibas

    Great product!

    This shelf is amazing! Definitely worth the money-

  170. Carolyn Y.

    Quality is most important to me & this item exceeded my expectations!

    This item was easily installed & very practical, giving me much more storage room. Quality was excellent.

  171. Amani Hassan

    Looks great but not for all ranges

    Very nice. Good looking. Sturdy but it does not work for All types of ranges.You have to see where your oven ventilation is located . If it is at the top this shelf will block it and oven will not work. I had to return it. My range is a Viking

  172. C Teeters

    Fits perfect and magnetic hold is very strong

    This shelf is just what I hoped it would be. Very strong magnets and gives me plenty of space without worrying about something falling off the back of stove. Would recommend this product.

  173. JR

    Easy and works.

    Easy, does the job, looks like it’s part of the stove.

  174. Kim Prodoti

    Makes my stove look high end

    This makes my ordinary stove look very high end ! I did add extra magnets just to be certain it was very secure.I love the way it looks and hold my most used spices and oil

  175. Dee

    Well worth the money!!

    I was hesitant to buy this initially due to the price but decided to buy it based on the excellent reviews. It was well worth the money! I enjoy cooking now that I don’t have to rummage through the spice cabinet to find the spices I need. The shelf is sturdy and holds a lot of spices. It doesn’t sit flat due to the gap between my stove and the wall but i am sure I can fix that by screwing it to the wall. I highly recommend this product. Well worth the money. You won’t be disappointed!

  176. Don

    Thoughtful idea

    Uses some super strong magnets.Packaging was great, sturdy & carrier proof. Just couldn’t use the shelf on my stove. Magnets would not stick to either the stove or the backsplash.

  177. Lisa Adkins

    Needs stronger magnetics.

    Needs stronger magnetics.




  179. Shan

    One Star

    It covers the vent so it is dangerous

  180. Stephanie J.

    Simplicity and function!!!

    This shelf works perfectly, even if you have a light switch on the surface in which it sits. Super simple install and ready to hold items in seconds.

  181. Sandra M Garcia

    False advertisement

    This is a ripoff. Just a piece of metal.

  182. Pamela J Powell

    Sticks very well

    The magnets on this shelf are very strong and keep the shelf from moving. This adds a good bit of storage to the top of my stove. Highly recommended!

  183. Denise


    Great buy

  184. Lisa Oldham

    wonderful space saver

    We love it! My husband did add a small rail around it so that nothing falls off.

  185. Anna m

    You don’t think you need it but you do!

    Super easy to install I love it!

  186. DLP

    Love the Stove Shelf

    Fits perfectly and looks like it is a part of the stove! Love it!

  187. Samantha

    Best kitchen tool ever

    Perfect for added storage and easy to install

  188. Gigi

    It’s exactly what I expected

    I love it

  189. J. VanMatre

    Great shelf!

    THIS IS AWESOME. I can’t believe I lived without it for 8 years! Fits perfectly on the back of my range and now I have a shelf to set things, as well as protection from things placed up there falling behind the range. Literally out of the box and on the range in seconds, it has magnets to secure it. I am a renter with a small kitchen and this improved it greatly.

  190. JWHG

    Fits and looks great

    Great option for me. Was looking for something that wouldn’t take up room but would hold spices and seasonings. I was a little worried because I have a slight curve on the stove but the shelf magnets attached and it fit great.

    One person found this helpful

  191. carol colyer

    Need a flat surface

    I like this, but my stove has a round top which made this unstable. I had to attach it to the wall. It was a minor adjustment.

    One person found this helpful

  192. Karen S.

    Great shelf

    I love this. Good quality. Magnet is strong and shelf stays in place. Just big enough for my cooking condiments.

  193. Trudy Byer

    Love it!!!

    I love that it is magnetic and stays where you put it.

  194. Valerie J. Oneill

    Sturdy and looks nice

    It arrived in perfect condition. Very sturdy, holds plenty, looks good. Worth the money

  195. Peter Cotrona

    put in on

    I didn’t think it would go on, because i have a switch on top of my stove. But it fit perfectly over it.

  196. corrie penland

    smart idea

    Matched my stove perfectly. It was a little on angle but that is my stove type! Very happy with my purchase

  197. Rose Marie Campbell

    Would buy it again!

    Love it! Expanded the space to set items I use every day for cooking!

  198. Amanda

    Love it

    Love it. Fits my stove and gives me more room. Very easy to put on because it is magnetic.

  199. Paul D.

    The easy installation (ie

    In a kitchen the size of mine every square inch of counter space matters. STOVE SHELF was my oasis in the desert, it gave me the relief I so desperately needed. The easy installation (ie: none!) separates this beauty from the pack. I wish I had two stoves so I could buy two for myself.

    One person found this helpful

  200. Patty E. Murphy

    Five Stars

    Easy to ‘install’ out of the box, put in place!

  201. Lindsay Kohler


    Super easy, just what we needed to free up some space!

  202. Rick Raimondi

    Nice organizer

    Works great and looks great. Brilliant idea!!

  203. Mike

    Great for confined areas, campers and apartments

    Great for apartments and small places like a camper

  204. Solange S.

    Great Idea

    Sturdy and well made to add that little extra space above the stove

  205. Sarah Viveiros

    Exactly what I wanted

    Sturdy, fits perfectly and looks great! Makes the top of your stove serve an actual purpose!

  206. Complementary Med Doc

    Salt and Pepper…yes please.

    Now that I have this rad shelf, salt and pepper are always at hand.

  207. Pamella R.

    Excellent Buy, Highly Recommend!

    This is a excellent buy. The shelf helped me declutter my cabinet and it is an awesome storage space for my more often used spices. It is sturdy, easily installed, and attractive. I recommend this shelf.

  208. Joe Ledbetter

    Works great


  209. Renate


    I do not understand why there is a hole on the left side of the shelf? I don’t like the hole

  210. Sara

    Not secure, scratched stove

    This did not stay secure on the top of my slightly-curved stove, despite others saying it works on theirs. It also scratched my stove when I tried it out.

  211. Ellen Johnson

    Great product!

    Love it!

  212. Douglas Kornfeld

    Gives me a space I use EVERY day. Wish the metal were a little thicker.

    The greatest. Solved a big problem. Makes my stove complete

  213. D Jones


    I love this stove shelf. I just received it opened it and put on my stove and it fit perfect

  214. Maria Fernandez

    Five Stars

    Perfect fit.

  215. Andrea Gomez

    Great customer service

    The product was great! We had a delivery issue and the seller provided great customer service. He responded very fast and found a solution for us.

  216. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Beautiful and easy to use.Great customer service.


    Nice shelf

    Nice shelf, fits all my stuff. Very easy to install just lay it there it’s magnetic

  218. reviewer47

    Easy! Easy! Easy!

    Easy! Easiest install everWorks perfect!

  219. Christina Reid

    Great! Measure first!!

    Just too small so measure your stove before purchase.

  220. NotJustNE12You


    Initially I posted a bad review because I didn’t receive the shelf. The company refunded my money and sent another shelf out. I love the one I recurved! It is perfect, magnets are strong, product is quality product and I would recommend.

  221. Saundra Hurst

    Pricey, but useful

    This is a nice way to add a little shelf space for spices and such. It attaches by 2 strong magnets and is super easy to position. It’s quite pricey for no more than what it is though.

  222. Adam

    Straight to the point review.

    Works great.I had to cut a rectangle into the sheet metal in order for it to sit flush on my stove top.If you have to do the same you will need something like a dremel. It is a thick piece of steel that you will have to cut through.

    One person found this helpful

  223. John Galt

    It’s a shelf – it works

    We recently got a new stove. Our old one had a nice flat area above the controls that could be used as a small shelf. The new LG stove we got has a curved top that isn’t really a good shelf. Not a terrible problem but if you are used to using that space for something like that you kind of miss it. This stove shelf might allow you to use that space as a shelf again. It attaches with magnets OR there are holes in the back to attach to the wall. So far it seems to be working as planned with the magnets. Every stove is different so check yours first to see if it is magnetic on top. Also if the top are is very curved forward you might need to shim this shelf or mount to the wall.

  224. RonJar63

    Great idea, works well and very sturdy

    Really strong magnet, have succulents on it. Really happy with the shelf

  225. Debbie M.

    Nice shelf

    I love the product. I need a little wider because my stove won’t push back enough for the shelf to hit the wall. Also my stovetop is rounded which make the shelf move. I will order one that is wider.

  226. Sheldon Mitchell

    It snaps on and is great

    Love this product

  227. gabriela

    Yello antes

    Me encanto y de muy bien material ?

  228. Neil Klungmontri

    Great addition for a small kitchen space.

    It’s a great addition to my studio kitchen. Really freed up some space for cooking. Only issue would be. Need more magnets. If the back part isn’t against the wall, you will experience some wobbling


    It would be a nice product if there were more than two magnets and …

    The magnets came unglued even after I tried gluing them back. It would be a nice product if there were more than two magnets and if they stayed on.

    One person found this helpful

  230. Cherryl

    Why didn’t I get this before? Love it!

    I didn’t think I’d have more use for this except to block items from falling behind the stove-oven but I’m pretty sure this will save me so much time and trouble when I’m cooking. So easy to install (no installation necessary), you just put it on top and the magnet does the rest. I’m also glad I didn’t have to drill a hole on the wall to attach/secure it. Love it. I’m planning to buy one for my mother and mother-in-law to use.

  231. NNN

    Easy add-on storage

    This is easy additional storage for your kitchen needs, like salt&pepper shakers, spoon rest, etc. Looks seamless with the range and just snaps on top of its back panel

  232. Brenda H.


    This was perfect and gives me that extra storage I needed. Very well made and very good tight fit

  233. debbiesue

    What a great shelf!

    I have a very small kitchen. I bought this shelf to use the space on top of the stove for spices. The magnets are very strong and the shelf is quite secure. I couldn’t be more pleased with this shelf.

  234. cyndi122977

    Buy it

    Love it.. highly recommend.. should have ordered sooner.

  235. T Balogh

    As promised

    Same as description

  236. cathy a.

    stove top shelf

    I put off getting this shelf because I was concerned that it would not work like the picture and reviews said. Finally decided to try it out. So glad I did. My stove has a lot of curve so I figured it would look bad but it looks just fine. You can’t even see that it doesn’t fit flat on the stove. I definitely recommend this item.

  237. Rebecca M. Mccormack


    I love this!! Looks great. Easy to install!!

  238. Clay_j85


    Just as described- I love this shelf!

  239. Mary

    Sturdy n easy to install

    Fits perfectly over the stove. It’s sturdy and I can put most of my cooking spices close by.

  240. Dawn Carbonetto

    Strong magnets

    Strong magnets hold in place well

  241. Rachel

    It came dented and was unusable

    For now my review is just based off of the product itself. It came damaged, it has a huge dent in the back and it will not lay flat on my stove, so right back into the box it went. I’ll update my review after I’ve heard from the company to resolve this.

  242. shirley Jefferson

    Stove shelf stainless steel

    Love this shelf over the stove. Put spices, timer on it. Nicely fits my stove.

  243. Katherine Whitley


    Awesome product, and could not be easier to use. Just opened the box and slapped it up on my oven back. It stuck securely with a strong magnetic hold. And turned that little space I balanced my spices on, into an actual shelf! Perfect!

  244. GW

    Magnetic Stovetop Shelf

    This is a great shelf. It’s so easy to install. Open box and set on top of stove back. Bam done. I ordered the 30″ size and it fits perfect. Now I don’t have to worry about things falling behind my new stove. My old stove fit closer to the wall than my new one. The metal color is just a slight bit darker but not really noticeable by anyone but me of course. I’m going to order one for my daughter when she buys a house.

  245. Lori K.

    Love it!

    Love it great for extra space!

  246. BarAnon

    Easy to install and looks nice!

    Love love LOVE this! It is literally a set and go shelf. It looks sharp and has allowed me to get my most frequently used cooking items like olive oil off of the countertop. The only thing I would adjust is to either have stronger magnets or more of them as I have noticed the shelf trying to come free from time to time, but it’s still great!

    One person found this helpful

  247. G. Davis

    exactly what I needed

    I enjoy have a few small items above the stove and this serves perfectly

  248. Amber R

    Better than I thought

    Works and looks great! Provides lots of storage space.

  249. Justin Awbrey

    Great item, very pleaded

    Wife wanted one of these so bought this one, fast shipping, easy to install, wife like it a lot

  250. Leese

    How did I live without it? What a great invention!

    I love my shelf! The lip on the back keeps things from falling off. Magnets are super strong, it stays in place. Looks like it is part of the stove.

  251. lasercindy

    Solves a storage problem.

    Love this. My stove is a little over a year old. Hated not being able to use the top. My kitchen is small & I depended on it for storage. This product solves that problem.Cons: pricey and I wish it were an inch wider. Prime would have been nice.

  252. Kindle Customer

    Omg i live it

    Easy to install and holds a lot!

  253. Janet R

    Nice product

    It’s a perfect fit, quality shelf and very strong magnet 🙂

  254. Raelynn

    Great product

    Our stove doesn’t have a back and has a two-ish inch gap between it and the wall. This was perfect for making sure nothing falls behind!

  255. Will Allen

    Love it

    This is a great product. Sturdy and heavy duty. We have a small kitchen with limited storage space. I also like that the spices i use most are right at hand.

  256. terilu

    convenient area for storing spices

    was surprised at the sturdiness of this product. no way this shelf can twist, bow, or change shape. the magnets are very strong so it stays in place as indicated in the product description. great place to hold spice bottles while cooking. even during cooking, this shelf and it’s contents stays cool. great purchase!!!

  257. Diane Pasche

    Finally have a shelf where the spices don’t fall off!

    At first I thought I had ordered a shelf that hangs over the back for security and was not sure the magnet would stay over the plastic top of shelf, but it did work a little and I just secured it with Alien tape

  258. Brandy Lopez

    Magnetics are strong

    I bought a cheaper model at Walmart and the magnetics were weak. I am very happy with the strength of the magnets on this purchase and would highly recommend.

    One person found this helpful

  259. Sherry Aslam


    Covers up the light switch for the oven

  260. Shannon Moore-Jones

    Good item

    Gets stuff off counter more room

  261. kbpru

    Metal shelf for stove

    This was a great addition and gets the little business off the counter.

  262. Amazon Customer

    Slipper bugger

    My only reason this gets four stars is that it is slippery. The salt and pepper seems to work their way off the shelf and fall in the stove and scare the crap out of me. It is great for extra space though!

  263. Lily Phoenix

    love it!!

    I cant even tell you how excited I am to have this! Makes cooking so much easier having the spices I use most right there! I have always wanted one and this was so easy to put on the stove! Love love love!!

  264. KetoFoodie

    Elegantly simple!

    Just what I wanted. Great invention. Make sure to test for a magnetic reaction in several locations along the top of your stove, as the strong magnets are located more centered where there’s likely to be the necessary steel.

  265. Anthony S.

    Fantastic product.

    Every stove should have one if these. It is great.

  266. Amazon Customer

    looks great; magnets are strong and sturdy.

    We recently purchased a black stainless steel range. The black StoveShelf makes it look complete. Not sure how else to explain it. The magnets are extremely sturdy. It does not slide around at all. I was a little concerned by how much it was but completely worth it. Extra bonus… Made in the USA 🙂

  267. Cella

    Literally open box then place it on stove

    Easy set up adjust immediately, love it

  268. Robbinski

    I wish I bought this 10 years ago

    This is like…such a great idea. I store my spices, egg timer, and reusable water bottles on it. Nice way to de-clutter the kitchen.

  269. VERONICA R.

    Love it.

    I absolutely love this stove shelf. My kitchen is a little more organized : )

  270. June

    where have you been all my life

    how perfect it looks and fits. You would never know it wasn’t apart of the stove. Easy Peasey since it’s magnetic to place . I highly recommend this product.

  271. Madi

    Eat to add to stove

    I love this. It works so well. It’s fit on perfectly and it a great ledge to put spices on and is magnetic if you have magnetic spic containers or other magnetic kitchen items.

  272. Salvatore Becker

    Perfect fit.


  273. Supergrl27

    Design could be better

    Actually sits at an angle and items tend to shift forward. I have to push the items back to avoid them from falling forward. It would be nice if it were designed with a small lip to avoid anything from falling forward.

  274. Rubi Valdez

    Great for a little extra storage

    We have a super small kitchen so any extra storage space is much appreciated. We loved this magnet shelf

  275. Becky H Russell

    I would recommend this product if you are short on counter space

    I was satisfied with this product the magnet was a really strong.

  276. Amazon Customer

    Made it room

    Oh my I love this ..small counter is makes it room

  277. ChemMajor

    From good to great thanks to helpful customer service!

    When I initially received this item I felt the magnets were not quite strong enough to hold the shelf as securely as I hoped. I think this had more to do with the design of my stove than the design of this shelf. I am also storing some heavy items as you can see in my photo.Feeling a little disappointed, I contacted customer service who kindly offered me an additional 4 magnets. It initially came with only 2 magnets. The two magnets are surprisingly strong for their size, but with the additional magnets this baby is going to be rock solid!This shelf looks fantastic and frees up tons of my limited counter space. For reference, that is a full-size bottle of Siracha on the far end of my shelf and I believe a quart-sized bottle of vegetable oil.The price point may feel a little high, but rest assured that you are getting a quality product backed by some great customer service.5 stars!

    One person found this helpful

  278. Daniel Champagne

    Good as described.

    My stovetop is curved. Just the update because I still use it put spices and the spoon holder on it and it is still very sturdy. I imagine it will be even sturdier on a flat top.

  279. Linda Kay

    It works!

    I was skeptical about this shelf because my stove has a curved top, and also because of some of the reviews describing problems with the magnets. I was pleasantly surprised at how securely the shelf fits. There are two small, thin magnets on the underside that can be moved wherever needed. It works perfectly. I just wish the sharp corners were smoothed and there was a ledge on the front to keep things from falling onto the stove. For the price, they could have paid a little more attention to design. But overall it’s a good solution and I would recommend it.

    3 people found this helpful

  280. ambyr strahan

    As advertised

    Cheap, easy to install, shipped fast

  281. EricaK

    Dont waste your money

    Stove shelf looked very promising and excitment by adding extra “storage” space in my small kitchen .Unfortunately, the reality is that the shelf is very flimsy looking, it is NOT wide enough leaving a gap between my wall and stove , and as I was trying it , it scratched my stove.What a waste. Returning product to vendor.*Warning* they will charge you a return delivery fee, shame.

    2 people found this helpful

  282. SandyB


    Looks, installed like it was advertised as. Perfect and exactly what I needed. In the photo I don’t have anything but a plant on it but I’ve had a ton of spices and it really just works well. Love it.

  283. Diane Barnett

    Great Idea

    Very nice product, Looks great , Right fit & sturdy. I really love it, The only thing that is disappointing is how much stainless steel is in your stainless steel appliances

  284. Jacqueline Fields

    Love this so much

    I cant even express how much I love mine. It fit like a dream VERY strong magnets. It doesn’t get hot when your stovetop or oven heats up. I put all my most used spices, oils, and timer on it. Even propped a cookbook and phone on it. I was weary of the price but you get what you pay for and this is quality.

  285. margaret

    … color I wanted stainless but this looks just as good and I did not want the hassle of returning …

    I actually ordered the wrong color I wanted stainless but this looks just as good and I did not want the hassle of returning it so I kept it

    One person found this helpful

  286. Sandra Blackmon

    Very nice!

    I absolutely love this! Adds an extra shelf and keeps stuff from falling behind the stove.

  287. Nellie

    Great storage and style.

    Easy to install. Perfect addition to your stove. Not only does it add extra storage it adds style.

  288. francesca avellino

    Useful and fine looking!

    It delivered what it promised! I love the look as well. I definitely recommend it!

  289. Amazon Customer



  290. Amazon Customer

    Just what I needed

    Looks great and converted a spot where items would fall behind the stove into storage.

  291. Heidi


    It’s the easiest shelf to install. Just place it and it’s magnetic. Extra shelf saves space.

  292. shoemakeupnailfashionholic

    Buy it

    Easy installation and look better that I thought

  293. KLD

    Quality, Functional, and Beautiful

    We purchased this shelf to cover the gap between the wall and stove. The stainless steel magnetic shelf is sturdy, has a beautiful finish and is held firmly in place with two magnets. The shelf fits flush against our stainless steel backsplash and looks like it was designed for our LG stove. Very happy with this purchase.

  294. The FOARD

    More room for spice

    Oh I love this. When we got our new stove it left a large gap….. now I have my gap closed and use it to put some spices. I love it.

  295. Linda


    I like it, even though my stove has a bit of a curve, it still worked well. It makes it so my salt and pepper sit flat and decreases the chances of anything falling behind the stove. I got black and it looks nice. I did knock off 1 star because it is a bit over priced.

  296. Kay A. Ess

    Who can’t use more storage space?

    The StoveShelf magnetic shelf arrived 5 minutes ago. Unboxing took 1 minute, washing and drying took 3. From door to use in <5 minutes. I love that it looks like it came with the stove and not like an aftermarket add on. The magnets are solid…there’s no play. The shelf is wide enough to keep my most frequently used seasonings close at hand.

  297. AC

    Great product and excellent customer services !!!

    Shelf arrived fast in just five days after my order, but a small dent right in the middle front for everyone to see it.I emailed the customer services to report the problem on Friday night, and received the reply from Scott with StoveShelf at Sunday. He is very professional and explained a replacement will be shipped to me asap.I received the beautiful replacement within another five days, and it’s a great idea to create extra shelf space for my small kitchen. There is another clever design from StoveShelf that those two magnets at the bottom can be move to different locations for the various design/shape of the tops!I installed two tubes, water tubes for ice maker from Home Depot, on the edges to protect my stove-top and wall as you can see from the pictures.

    One person found this helpful

  298. C. Jones

    I love the looks of the shelf, but you have to make modifications if you have a curved stove back.

    I loved the look of the shelf as it came from the wrapper, but my slightly curved stove meant the shelf was impossible to put anything on it with the dinky magnets that came for installation. It could not be made level and items rolled right off. I ordered additional HEAVY DUTY magnets to secure the shelf and keep it level. The down-side to this installation is that those stronger magnets grip items I have on the shelf. To remove a teabag from its tin means a bit of a tug on the tin, It does keep items from sliding off if they have any metal. Bang for the buck I have to give it just an OK. It seems pricy for a straight piece of stainless steel and a couple of magnets. The shelf is narrow and only the center of the shelf is stable for anything with any weight. It does serve my purpose so I will not return it.

  299. Kimberly Lynn

    Great for extra storage and keeps things from falling behind your stove.

    Just love this little shelf. It added extra storage space and is very sturdy. Totally matches my stainless steel stove.

  300. Mark Fl

    Stove Shelf and Stability

    My wife and kids left me so the Stove Shelf is the only thing stable I have left in my life. If only I could figure out how to take it on fishing trips.

    4 people found this helpful

  301. Deborah Y. Moidel

    Brilliant idea ?

    I like the fact that it can hold anything in place! I like that nothing will slip behind the stove! I already have a scissors behind the stove. Oh well ? Accolades to the inventor & the investors! Good idea! Thanks for sharing!

  302. Josh D. Smith

    Excellent buy!

    Couldn’t be easier…it just rests on top of the stove. Creates more space and I don’t have to worry about anything falling behind the stove.

  303. Verified Customer

    Awesime Stove Shelf

    Very nice product, helps save a lot of space. Happy with the buy.

  304. Vanessa Kramer

    Not great for slanted stoves

    I essentially had to install mine backwards. My stove is slanted forward slightly and my glass oil bottle kept sliding off. To avoid it falling off and shattering, I put the stove shelf on backwards to make a little lip to keep everything in place. I know the way my stove is made isn’t the sellers fault, but I wish there was already a smaller lip on the front so the back part was still able to lay flush against the wall. My husband is still happy with his gift though so that’s all that matters.

  305. nothingness

    Nice thickness and works perfectly for my Kenmore range

    It stays firmly attached to my Kenmore range and it’s so nice to have a shelf for my salt and pepper shakers as well as my oil decanter. As a bonus, it looks really nice.

    2 people found this helpful

  306. LifeLearner

    Simple and practical stove top storage

    This is one of those eminently practical but simple items you wish you had thought it. The shelf blends in nice. with my stainless steel stove. It is quite sturdy and doesn’t budge once you put it in place. Very happy with this purchase.

  307. kim labarre

    Solid shelf

    Easy to install and easily holds my spatula container, herb bottles and salt and pepper shakers. It’s made well and fit my stove perfectly.

  308. Mary Beth

    Magnet Magnet

    I open my box and one magnet was off and I put it on and try adjust it then both came off 🙁 now I have figure it out how fix it love how looks but disappointed about magnets

    One person found this helpful

  309. Amazon Customer

    Fits well on stove and easy to clean

    Looks nice on stove

  310. Amazon Customer


    Love it

  311. Laurie M. McHenry


    Perfect – adds space- easy to use

  312. Elizabeth

    Excellent product!

    Excellent!! Can’t say enough good things! Holds a lot and looks great! So glad I got it

  313. Serenity

    Just what I needed ?

    Easy and sturdy

  314. Guitar Mom

    Scratched the top of my stove’s control panel!

    Serves its purpose, but the bottom edge is sharp and it permanently scratched the top of my brand new oven’s stainless control panel. My oven light switch is on the top of the control panel, so this shelf must be slid to the side to gain access to the switch. Simple enough, but didn’t realize doing so was causing scratches until it slid backward a little one day, revealing the scratches. Needs a rubber or silicone protective pad on the bottom or something. Expensive, too!

  315. Amazon Customer

    Super easy to set up.

    Exactly what we needed! We like our spices on top of the stove so this shelf was perfect. I also loved that there was no installation. You just pull it out of the box and stick it to the top and it’s ready. You can easily adjust it to however you want it because it’s magnetic. 10/10!

  316. ld

    strong, attractive shelf; great customer service

    got this smart little shelf with a small dent, but customer service replied almost immediately and quickly sent a replacement. absolutely the best customer service experience ever. a shelf for your stove is a small thing, but the quick and kindly- worded response made a huge difference after a particularly hard day, after hearing so much ugliness and hostility in the news and on social media, and when thinking of all that was lost in the past year.

  317. Amazon Customer

    Excellent addition to my kitchen!!

    I have a small kitchen with limited storage – this was a perfect addition. It allows me to have the spices I use all the time right where I need them! It is high quality, very sturdy and required no assembly. I would highly recommend this item!

  318. Tomm

    Handy shelf

    Holds all my cooking essentials making them easy to reach when cooking. Recommended.

  319. Cynthia



  320. David Shu

    Good item.


  321. Michelle Carey

    Works great for spices.

    Easy to install and looks great

  322. jkwit

    Exactly what I wanted!

    I LOVE this product!! Such a great display of American ingenuity. And exactly the kind of assembly I like: none! Open the box, set it on top of your stove—voila!—a perfect, handy shelf from a formerly unusable, wasted space. At first I thought it was a little pricey, but no, it’s worth every penny!

  323. patricia rowe

    The Best

    This product is the best, and I didn’t have to get my son to install it. Very sturdy and fits perfectly on my stove. Thanks so much for a great product

  324. Tammy

    Extra space

    Great product to hold spices that are used daily, easy access.

  325. Lisette Foster

    Loved it

    Love the look and the added top

  326. lissa

    Love the shelves

    Fast shipping! Love the stainless shelves! Very sturdy and looks good! Thanks!

  327. Sue Piper, Mrs.

    Great product!!! Love this shelf!!!!

    I love this shelf! Can’t get any easier to install and it is big enough to hold a large set of salt and pepper shakers, a long sign and a sea salt crock. This shelf is very sturdy. I highly recommend this self you will be completely satisfied with this. Well worth the price!

  328. Antha

    Not worth the price. Useless metal.

    I assumed the magnets on the bottom for be stronger for being on the top of the oven. But they are two very little strips on the center of the bottom and it can’t hold anything cause it falls off. Definitely NOT worth 40$

    3 people found this helpful

  329. Elaine

    You’ll love your stove shelf.

    This was the easiest shelf to install, no nails, no screws, the magnets attach to the stove in seconds. I recommend this product if you want extra storage on top of your stove.

  330. Judi

    Not that happy with it

    I just received the shelf and it has a small dent in it. Not happy, especially at that price point!

  331. kissaa

    Love it!!

    It did the job!! It’s everything I expected and more..

  332. Patricia

    Great addition

    Love this extra shelf!! Exactly as advertised and even more sturdy than I thought it would be. I recommend it!!

  333. Amazon Customer

    Loved loved

    More space

  334. Amazon Customer

    Just what I needed

    Have a small kitchen space is a premiumWorks great for the extra space no issues with any of my spices or sprays falling off Very sturdyOnly down side it does sharp edge be mindful when cleaning stove

  335. KH


    Great quality and fits perfect for all our needs.

  336. D. Rogers


    Weak magnets don’t hold. Also, make sure your range has a metal top.

  337. steven b.

    Looks great

    Love this thing, the magnets hold onto my stove nice and tight. There was a slight warp on one part of the lip but I just straightened it with a tap from a rubber mallet, looks great now.

  338. Lauren

    Best kitchen addition!

    I LOVE this little shelf! I just got a new stove and was looking for a cover for the glass when I came across this. This is fantastic! I can keep all my spices I use frequently on this little shelf so they are within easy reach and I don’t have to go looking for them.Since my stove is stainless steel, this matches PERFECTLY! It takes all of two seconds to set it on the stove and it sticks with magnets.Would highly recommend to anyone!

  339. Doreen Word

    Like it anyway.

    Didn’t fit like I wanted because the top of my stove is curved and not square.

  340. Mel

    I really like this shelf!

    Okay, so, the top of my stove (GE) is really curved, and also slants down toward the front. I thought I’d have to return this shelf, but I tried putting it on BACKWARDS, with the “lip” facing forward, and it works perfectly! The lip is just tall enough to keep everything from sliding off. I have it fully loaded with spice mills and an oil sprayer, and it hasn’t budged once. The magnet is STRONG on this product!

    2 people found this helpful

  341. Kindle Customer

    MUST have!

    I am DELIGHTED with this! It cannot get easier to install something and it freed up a TON of space on my counter! It looks great too and that is a bonus!

  342. Angie Fletcher

    Love love!

    I love this, if I only ever use it for the salt & pepper shaker it’s worth every penny! Very sturdy, strong magnet & it looks great!

  343. Kara

    Love the Stove Shelf

    This is one of those products that I didn’t realize I needed until I saw it. Love our Stove Shelf! Adds a little more storage to our cramped kitchen and really finishes off our stove. The shelf is well-made and looks great. Installation took literally 1 second. Can’t beat it!

    3 people found this helpful

  344. Melinda Gutierrez

    Reviews Were Wrong

    Not happy with the product. Unfortunately my return date passed and now I’m stuck with it. It was not sturdy and therefore I was not able to use it. Reviews praised the shelf but using it first hand has me wishing I had never ordered it.

    One person found this helpful

  345. Robin Carrasco

    I definitely recommend

    What a wonderful item!! It’s just a little too long but I still love it. My teenager was even excited since he likes to cook and thought it was very convenient.

  346. Kelleen S.

    So simple, yet so functional

    I didn’t know I needed this until I had it. This is a must to keep those things you keep on the back of your stove from falling in back of your stove. It works great and gives just that little extra bit of “counter space” that everyone needs.

  347. Joyce

    Very easy to install

    Mine arrived slightly bent but it’s still useable. My stove back is curved so it’s not a super tight fit but it still works. My only complaint would be the back lip is very short so there’s not a lot of support if you want to put things on the shelf that need leaning support.

  348. Thomas C.



  349. mom

    The best addition to the stove

    Fits perfectly adding extra space around stove. Easy to clean

  350. Sharon Brand

    This is awesome

    Fits perfectly on my new stove and looks like part of the stove itself.

  351. msnewbie


    this is by far one of the best purchases I have made, highly recommend

  352. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy and fits well

    Added space

  353. R. C.

    Perfect solution

    No more salt and pepper shakers falling behind the stove. This shelf is perfect for keeping frequently used spices and timers visible. Once in place I don’t even notice it’s there. The magnets are POWERFUL and this shelf does not move once in place. Why didn’t I think of this?

    One person found this helpful

  354. Reza K.

    Solid stainless steel shelf!

    This is a simple, well-designed shelf for your stove. My wife and I love having our main go-to spices within reach. Highly recommended!

  355. Andrew Newcomb

    Perfect solution!

    Like others, my gas line protrudes. I could not believe how perfectly this fit and solved my problem. It literally looks like it is part of my new gas range. It is definitely good for storing spices. I used the one hole to screw into an anchor. Seemed odd to only have on one side but the magnets are pretty strong. Gap is fully closed.

  356. DJSFO

    Stove Shelf

    Like the product. Holds on by magnets on the bottom that are adjustable. Just be sure your stove back is not too curvy or it will not work . I have 2 of these and waiting for a 3rd one now.

  357. Bowwow


    Great use of a unused space on top of stove. Our stove top is not flat, but with the magnets positioned in the middle area, it holds well!

  358. SARA ENRY


    Love the shelve

  359. Scott

    Space Maximizing shelf

    Perfect place for spices looks great while maximizing space

  360. Rickee

    Best simple kitchen accessory,

    So simple to install. Just take it out of the box and place on stove. Love it!

  361. Dbl D

    Glad to have the additional storage

    Installed in about 2 seconds. Appears and works exactly as described.

  362. yinett

    Is easy to put it together and clean

    Love this product and so easy to put it

  363. tray

    Shelf space

    I really like it

  364. Donna M.

    It so easy to install

    So easy to install, I love it

  365. Kyle K.

    Bridges the gap!

    I have a gap behind my stove and wall due to some electrical. This bridges that gap and provides a spot for my salt and pepper. And now if I drop a knife, it won’t fall behind my stove! I have a 22″ wide stove so it doesn’t fit perfectly but it does exactly what I need it to do. And it came fast!

    3 people found this helpful

  366. Elizabeth

    Love it!

    Easy to install. Saves space!

  367. Corina A. Morales



  368. T Evans

    Magnets do not stick to stainless steel

    It’s a nice idea but it does not fit a curved top stove and also the magnets do not stick to stainless steel the unit should have some other kind Of attachment like glue pads or something it has nice storage capacity and It is Sturdy for a flat top stove stove would be OK except for the magnets on stainless steel which they do not stick

    One person found this helpful

  369. Kathy Lemire

    Nice piece

    Was easy to install and very steady hold quite a few items. Looking for nice looking spice bottles to use up on shelf

  370. Amazon Customer

    Nothing falls through

    Love it

  371. Arlene DePallo

    Love it

    Love this product.

  372. Lisa Bocchicchio

    Depends on what you need.

    Too shallow but we’ll anchored. Easy to install.

    One person found this helpful

  373. Siv

    Perfect. Totally perfect

    Perfect. Totally perfect. My counter was in chaos. It was driving me bonkers. The magnets are plenty strong for my oven. No issues at all. Like that you can select a color to match. Very unassuming.

  374. Skibikeplease

    Love this

    I didn’t even know I needed this, but I love it. No work to install. And now I don’t need to worry about stuff falling behind the stove.

  375. June

    Easy and convenient

    Love this shelf!! Just unpack and put on the top of your stove.

  376. Erin Dinsmoor

    Perfect top-of-stove spice rack

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t have designed it better myself. There’s a gap between my stove and the wall behind it, and I wanted a place to put spices on top of the stove. This shelf is very sturdy, and attaches with strong magnets. My stove is stainless, so this blends right in, and doesn’t budge or slide.

  377. Skullie

    looks great!

    this shelf looks and fits perfectly on top of our stove! gives us some extra space elsewhere.

  378. Bob Geyer

    Great idea!!!

    Very nice shelf!! Sturdy and the magnets are very strong. Great addition to the stove as it eliminated the dead space on top of stove for storage which opened up counter space!! Great idea!!!

  379. Virginia Smith

    One of a the best purchases I have made

    This is wonderful. At first I was sceptical how strong the magnet would be and it is perfect. Great purchase.

  380. Susan Kruger

    good quality, looks great

    Very nice product. Good Quality, looks great. Fits perfectly.

  381. H

    Great idea but

    Must be completely flat top to work. I thought my range was flat, but it turns out to have a slight curve to the front of it. This will not work for me.

  382. Mr2xfour

    Simple, yet very useful!!

    The only issue was with the shipping, which I do not fault Stove Shelf for. The shelf is elegant in it’s simplicity. You place it on top of your stove and the strong magnets do the rest. I got so tired of having to retrieve spice containers we stored along the top of our stove, that dropped behind to the floor. This shelf eliminates that situation all together, plus has great capacity. My wife love, love, loves it. And thats all that matters, right? If we had another stove, I’d order another Stove Shelf! Buy one, you won’t regret it!!

  383. Lisa Miller

    Great product exactly what I needed

    Dont know how i lived without this for so long

  384. Susan Keck


    Thought they were a little cocky with the “revel in your great decision” marketing … but I have to admit, I reveled :). Easy install. Adds a little more room while cooking in my small kitchen. I would buy again.

  385. Jessica B.

    I love this shelf!

    I love this shelf! I don’t know why I didn’t purchase one years ago! It matches my stove and decor perfectly! Super easy to install, my 12 year old son did it for me.

  386. s

    A must for any kitchen

    Took a star off cause it was dented when I got it. Very handy to get spices that I need. A must buy.

  387. Amazon Customer

    Smaller Than Advertised

    Much smaller than what the picture shows. It fits perfectly length wise but the back part to not allow things to call is too small.

  388. Jason

    Nice shelf

    I like this shelf. Installation can’t be any easier and the magnets actually hold quite well. Enough space to hold a few condiment and utensil. Easy to clean with a quick wipe! A little pricey for a piece of steel but still highly recommended. I use it every time I cook!

  389. Litress Dodson

    It’s a Beautiful Stove Shelf just not long or Stable enough

    I didn’t like the length it was too Short for my Stove I need a 30 inch …It came 24 inch…It would be nice if it was adjustable..And it Tiles over if any weight is place on the front

  390. Ilona Martonfalvy

    Magnetic shelf stove cover

    Thus has such a strong magnet. Perfect to fit the gap at the top back of my apartment stove. Now I have a convenient spot for often-used spices and my timer! Very handy. Worth the cost!

  391. TN

    Great purchase!

    The shelf is exactly what I wanted. It’s sturdy, not flimsy, and it has magnetic strips on the back that attach to the top of your stove. If you have a stove with a flat top and you want to have a shelf with a back so things don’t fall off of it, this is for you! I love it!

  392. Rose

    Nice quality

    Love the quality the only thing I want to say is it should bring a additional magnet .

  393. Kindle Customer

    Holds quite a bit.

    This is a wonderful shelf with only one problem for me, my stove is not flat above the burners so the shelf tilts backwards, I needed to add more height towards the of the shelf to level it.

  394. Amazon Customer

    Love it

    Great idea

  395. kathie moburg

    Awesome product


  396. Virgie Dee

    Awesome product!

    Love it!!

  397. V. Fitzgerald

    Great product

    Easy to put in and big enough to hold a few essentials. Best of all it provides additional surface freeing up some space from my already small counter.

  398. Kim Lee

    It works

    I was little disappointed becausr it really isnt magnetic but it gets the job done. I just have to be careful to remember it is there.

  399. Brenda S.

    Eliminates the gap

    Fits securely and covers that gap behind the stove.

  400. Emilia Martino

    Perfect fit

    Good quality and the magnets are strong enough to keep in place. I’m happy

  401. HeyBernLee


    Easy to install, exactly as advertised. 10/10 would refer to a friend.

    One person found this helpful

  402. TK


    Easy and convenient.

  403. Natalia

    Absolutely love it!

    Oh my, this was definitely an excellent buy for sure. It is very sturdy, easily installed and blends nicely with the color of my stove. This shelf made a huge difference by allowing me to de-clutter and move my most used spices to make room for added storage in the cabinets. Highly recommend!

  404. Todd caudill

    Good product

    This is exactly what my wife wanted for the stove. It was easy to install and works perfectly.

  405. John B

    Perfect shelf to keep spices handy

    Just what I needed for my new stove. In my case my “stainless steel” stove was not magnetic. Fortunately I had some two-sided tape around (not included) to attach the shelf. Check if your stove is magnetic in the top control panel area, especially if it is a newly made unit. I am very happy with this sturdy shelf.

  406. JBG

    Great shelf

    The stovetop shelf is excellent for clearing off the countertop. It really makes my stove look better.

  407. R. Kittner

    Super convenient

    Love it love it! No longer have bottles dropping behind the stove.

  408. Amazon Customer

    Extra spice rack

    It looks great on my stove and the extra storage frees up my counter space.

  409. Gava S.

    Love it

    Short on storage and counter space in my small kitchen. This is beautiful and is perfect for keeping my supplies easily accessible and off my counter

  410. rosa reyes

    Good product

    I love this product works good

  411. Margaret Notter

    Just the right fit

    Love it

  412. Pamela A batson


    I have it on top of my stove for storage

  413. Tony

    Awesome shelf, horrible magnets.

    This shelf is extremely awesome and it’s perfect HOWEVER… it comes with 2 tiny, not very powerful magnets. I had to spend more money to make this work. I purchased the Neodymium Magnet – 60 x 10 x 3 mm, Pack of 10. ASIN: B07WCBDPMJ for an easier search and oh boy, those magnets made this product even better! I also used all 10 magnets.

    2 people found this helpful

  414. SueZQ

    Attractive and Good Magnets

    I have a stove that isn’t perfect flat on top, but this shelf still worked fine with it. I have spices all along the top, and the magnets securely hold it. Much better looking that the hand built wooden one I had been using.

    One person found this helpful

  415. Southernbooklady

    Perfect concept! I needed a shelf but didn’t want …

    Perfect concept! I needed a shelf but didn’t want to screw holes in my backsplash. This fits perfectly on my stove! The magnets are very strong so the shelf doesn’t budge.

  416. Lady Dee in NC

    Perfect Addition for seasonings & decorations!

    Very stable thanks to magnets! And now thing can fall behind the stove – thanks to great design! Wish I’d known about this years ago. The stainless steel is a perfect accessory for my black and stainless stove… Love it!

  417. Angie

    Great shelf?

    Just got it today. It has really strong magnets On the bottom and fits my stove perfectly. It looks so good. I don’t remember how I found this shelf, but I love it. A great purchase. You won’t regret it.??

  418. Patricia D.

    It’s magnetic awesome

    I love this item fits great and nothing will drop behind my stove

  419. Karen gries

    Simple and perfect

    Works great and prevents my small sign from falling behind the stove!

  420. Clara Lowe

    I use it without magnetic!

    I got it for my things setting on my counters beside stove. My stove is not magnetic in the back, but it fits nicely on the back of the stove. It sinks in a little on the back edge, but after putting spices on it, it is weighted down and stays very nicely.

  421. Virginia Robbins

    Really nice & exactly what I wanted

    I really like this. It has a strong magnetic hold, cleans easily, and holds all the things I use on a daily basis.

  422. Jenni Whallon

    This makes things a lot easier.

    This looks really nice with my stove. Fits all my “daily spices”

  423. Nicole S.

    Looks great

    Easy to install it sits right on top with a magnet looks great

  424. Dee

    Needs a lip

    Only one thing I don’t like about the shelf. There’s no lip on the front so things keep falling off onto the stove top. Not sure why they wouldn’t have added one to resolve this issue.Otherwise I love it…

  425. Lissett Morales


    Fit perfectly

  426. jennie


    Looks like it comes with the appliancesI like it

    3 people found this helpful

  427. FastForward55

    Very surdy

    Not room for much, but holds a lot more spices that I thought it would. Wish it had something on the sides to block things from sliding off.

  428. Amazon Customer

    Game changer!

    Love the extra space and the look of the shelf. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

  429. Dolmige

    So easy to ‘install’

    Great item! Zero installation, just unbox and set it on top of your stove. We did put two washers under the magnets to level it more but that was just preference. We ordered black, and on the back of my black stove, you can hardly even tell it is an added piece. Love that I can put things in easy reach!

  430. Adam Heuschkel

    Great product

    Love it, magnets are strong

  431. Amazon Customer


    Matches my stove perfectly in the stainless steel color. Very sturdy and easy to install.

  432. Belma T. Padua


    More storage. Nice to put the seasoning that you daily used.

  433. Amazon Customer

    Great Addition to Our Kitchen

    We have a small kitchen, so space is at a premium. We’re very happy with the product; it’s high quality and sturdy, looks great, and took about 7 seconds to install. I will be recommending the Stove Shelf to my family and friends.

    2 people found this helpful

  434. naynaycox

    Best purchase!!

    I am so glad I found this product. the magnets made installing super easy, and the shelf is securely attached to stove and looks seamless. Unless I tell people, they think it came with the stove. Great for proving storage for small items I reach for often while cooking.


    Utilizing the space otherwise would be wasted

    It was very easy to install and functional. My wife is very happy to fully utilize the space.

    One person found this helpful

  436. Amazon Customer

    Nice little stove shelf

    Matches and looks like part of my stove. Has 2 magnets underside of shelf in the middle. Would feel sturdier if the magnets were spaced further apart. Great for spices or small cooking items that won’t melt from the heat.

  437. bethany

    Practically perfect

    So simple so easy so useful. Wish I had know this existed years ago. Looks nice too.

  438. Ralph Shupp

    Awesome shelf

    This shelf is awesome. Heavy duty magnets keep it in place. Makes the top of the stove a very usable shelf.

  439. Jim

    Sturdy and is held in place with strong magnets.

    Fit and works perfectly on our stove.

  440. Batisha Woodard

    This is very sturdy !

    This is sturdy and looks good !

  441. ???????

    Love.. Updated review after 1 year!

    UPDATE: I’ve had this over a year now and it is still just like the first day I received it. I still love it and am VERY glad I found this. I hope that if I ever need another, it will be available. Highly recommended. Does a perfect job!Love it, fits perfectly. Just take from box and stick it on. Not sure of durability yet, but seems like it will do well.I’ve had this at least 6 months now and I still love it. Has held up well. Not flimsy, nice & sturdy. Does exactly what it’s intended to do.

  442. jlynn

    Stainless Steel Magnetic Shelf

    Love this shelf! Very strong magnets which makes the shelf very sturdy. Highly recommend and very pleased. I have a 30” Samsung freestanding gas stove. The shelf fit perfectly…

    One person found this helpful

  443. David

    Five Stars

    Shelf was even better than I had imagined.

  444. Katie Goodall

    Must Have!

    Fantastic purchase. I’m renovating a very small apartment with limited storage and this is a huge upgrade. Strong and sturdy magnets. A nice upgraded in an otherwise outdated kitchen to keep things easily accessible and organized. Highly recommend if you cook regularly and want a polished look on an older stove. One of those Amazon finds I didn’t know I needed until I got it! If you’re renovating/upgrading, I also got a stainless magnetic knife holder and the stick on subway tile from Amazon. Complete game changer for a mind blowing affordable renovation project!

    One person found this helpful

  445. Mom of 3

    Wrong color! I ordered a black shelf and got stainless steel.

    It is great. Sturdy, fits good, I can store what I wanted on the shelf. Just upset that they sent me the wrong color.

  446. Laura

    Arrived damaged

    I was saddened to see it was damaged upon arrival. I opened it up and noticed a dent. When I went to try it on my stove it was not sturdy and there was a gap to the far right. I have requested a refund but was very sad because I was looking forward to using this item. Strangely the package was not damaged but the item was.

  447. tammi buttcher


    What a great invention. Not only does it look nice but it serves a good purpose.

  448. 2Blessed4dat

    Great addition to my kitchen

    It was easy to install and adds a ready to cook feel to my kitchen.

  449. Connie Kurtz

    Great extra space.

    Love it. Easy to install? Sit it on the back of stove and you’re done. Hardest part was opening the box! Would absolutely recommend.

  450. Gilbert Blevins

    Five Stars

    Works great. Love it

  451. larissa

    Love it

    Love it I can sit my salt and pepper on there without any problems

  452. Gabby

    Great item

    Totally satisfied!!

  453. Tony Schmit

    Poor design

    Anything you put on will slide right off the front

  454. Donna E. Crenshaw

    Love it!

    Absolutely love this shelf. It’s strong, sturdy, and sleek. It installs instantly and stays in place and provides much needed storage over my stove. Highly recommend!

  455. Heather Hamlin

    Two small magnets

    Came with two tiny magnets. I Ended up having to put Velcro on it to ensure it wouldn’t fall back with weight on it.

    One person found this helpful

  456. J. L. Dillehay


    Works perfectly

  457. Nathan Taylor



  458. Drc


    Love this. Works perfect on my stove

  459. William Russell

    Stainless steel stove shelf

    Great product. Fits perfect.

  460. MAUREEN R.

    Good quality, not for shorter people, or stove that arent level flat where it mounts.

    Nice quality, but it leans back on my stove and everything slides to the back. Then i cant reach it. Its very well made. Maybe it needs to come with magnetic shims to make it flat.

  461. Vivekanand Rajcoomar

    Not impressed!

    Standard stoves are 30” this was 24” which makes it look quite unflattering., imagine you are 3” off on each side – too expensive and tedious to return in the pandemic. Do not recommend. if you are OCD or like neatness, and/or a slick uniform look.

  462. Danna Davidson

    Great product!

    Love this product. I food turn upside down so could have small ledge to keep things from falling off.

  463. Jennifer

    Neat Product, didn’t work for my stove

    It didn’t work on my stove. Top of mine is angled.

  464. Carolyn A Jaeger

    Stove shelf

    Looks great and magnetic hold is strong

  465. kimberly tarvin

    even better than I hoped

    I am short and I had to tiptoe over the stove and vent cover to get the spices. I love love love this product. it is the perfect size.

  466. civics teacher

    Beautiful stainless steel shelf

    Arrived in perfect condition and arrived earlier than estimated. The stainless steel shelf fits the stove perfectly. It has plenty of room for spices and other items so now my spices are within easy reach. The stainless steel shelf is easy to install and easy to keep clean.

  467. Amazon Customer

    hides area of space between wall and stove.

    terrific purchase- even the appliance installer was impressed. convenient for spices in current use and need quick at hand.

  468. Beach Shopper

    Best Impulse Purchase EVER!

    Just what I was looking for. Perfect!! Went from box to stove with no extra work.

  469. Lynn

    If you’re looking at this…JUST GET IT!

    Best thing I’ve bought in a long time. So handy to put salt and pepper and a few spices above the stove. Perfectly fits my stove and looks like it’s always been there. JUST GET IT, you will not regret this purchase.

  470. J. Hughes

    Great shelf for oven

    I love it!! Perfect.

  471. hdreiske

    Simple, perfect. Lovely packaging.

    Prevents the completely preventable but otherwise inevitable jumping of things back into the abyss.Its sleek so should visually dissapear into the stove instead of looking like clutter. I actually don’t want to use it as storage because I don’t have much I want in the heat and splashes from the stove, but whatever. Not losing stuff down back is the point for me.I haven’t had a regular oven with a gap this millennium and my kids never, so I didn’t want to deal with stuff going back there. Also, my oven space is too narrow, it’s so wedged in I may not be able to pull it out again.Now all I need is something for the gaps at the back on the side below. Hadn’t thought of magnets, so I guess I’ll hack something similar with roof flashing.I love how the packaging shows pride in the product.Actually, I wish it was a little deeper, like 4.5 inches instead of 3.5 ish. When perfectly flat onto the stove it doesn’t go all the way to the wall. I tipped it to push it back…magnets are partially in contact and it still works ok to do the job, just looks less flush, less sleek.

  472. renaur

    Clear your counter!

    So easy to use. Just take out of box and place on top of stove. Excellent quality too. Highly recommend.

  473. angela paige

    Good Quality product

    The product is good quality, however, my stove has the oven light switch on the top where this goes as well as plastic on the edges. Unfortunately, I did not take that into consideration when I purchased it but I still use it.

  474. Max

    Easy to install

    Easy to install.Great fit.

  475. Lil Higgins


    Perfect fit and super simple to install. I looked for an over the stove spice shelf and didn’t care for the options until I saw this. Perfect!

  476. pateo

    Hotpoint Oven

    It didn’t quite work on my Hotpoint so by adding more magnets of varying thickness I was able to install it. If the unit came with 3 different pairs of different magnet thickness, it would probably fit more ovens and the company would likely have less returns.

  477. Ida

    Don’t think… just do it

    This is awesome! Solves the problem of tiny ledge and falling in cracks. Super easy to set up and strong grip, even for my curved stove. Highly recommend.

  478. Therese G.


    Love it!

  479. Victoria

    I get it without magnets

    Dislike! I get it without magnets

  480. Rose Harp Lady

    Easy to install and looks great

    Due to the plug, we are not able to move our stove close to the wall. This shelf provides a great cover up for the space. The magnets make it simple to put the shelf on and they are strong enough to stick to the stove. Right now I am using it for decoration, but it will be handy if I ever want to use it.

  481. Amazon Customer

    unstable holding

    My only problem for this product is that it doesn’t stay as it supposed to be. So I decide not to keep anything on top of this product as there are chance those can be flip over. I wish they had more hard latching way to stick to the top of oven. However, it looks fine as it is. So I just keep it as it is but nothing on top of this product please.

  482. Anthony

    Four Stars

    Magnetic could be a little more stronger, however it serves its purpose for the main part.

  483. MayLeen

    Great edge, extra space

    Great! Love this

  484. Julia Roff

    Extra room for frequent use spices easy reach while cooking!

    There can’t be an easier install and it comes in handy when cooking to put spices on. Great idea now nothing falls behind the stove!

  485. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic Product!

    This has revolutionized my kitchen experience! Before I would be knocking over all my spices while trying to cook. Not only does this product keep that from happening but it looks great too! I would highly suggest buying this product!

  486. debi koch


    Received bent and had to return. Disappointed to say the least.

  487. Lisa Johnson


    This is a nice stainless steel shelf but it’s not the shiny or polished stainless steel like on your appliances, it’s more like an industrial stainless steel. I turned mine around so the higher lip is in the front so your spices don’t fall on the stove when you are opening and closing your oven.

    One person found this helpful

  488. heath hensley

    Great item

    Easy to install

  489. Patricia

    The Perfect Setup!

    This has helped me a much by having my essential go to spices and seasonings within easy reach!Although it arrived with a slight bend in it, I managed to straighten it out enough so it balances well. I am very pleased with this item.

  490. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Great product

  491. IndieCDs

    Works Like a Charm

    Perfect fit and looks great

  492. rensgirl

    Great little shelf

    Great shelf, looks like it was custom made for the oven. Nice for some nick nacks and spices

  493. Danna J. Ortman

    Sturdy and easy to use

    After, once again, dropping something behind the stove, I found this product. First, it was incredibly easy to install. The magnets to hold it are very strong and hold it in place strongly. Secondly, the lip in back makes sure nothing falls behind the stove again.

  494. Tiffany T

    Great product, great seller!

    This shelf is perfect! Fits great on our stove and holds all those spices we use all the time. Ordered this, received a delivery notification, but no package. I reached out to the seller and they mediately got back to me and sent a new one out. It arrived quickly and the seller has great customer service. Highly recommend buying this product and this seller!

  495. Sandy

    I should have bought long time ago

    I should have bought this long time ago, the shelf fits perfectly with my oven. It is very easy to install, has magnetic underneath, just put on top without any other additional installation. Love love love this product

  496. David

    Great for my Frigidaire

    Bought the 24 inch size. Great fit for my Frigidaire stove.

  497. brandi perry

    My best kitchen purchase

    Best purchase from Amazon. Looks so nice on top of my stove with my farmhouse decor

  498. Ingrid McNees

    Sturdy and well made.

    Looks great!

  499. Whitney

    Nice. Holds a lot of spices

    It is really nice holds all of my spices. Giving 4 stars because the magnet is not as strong as the reviewers made it seem and the curved top of my stove makes it not quite lay flat.

  500. Karen

    looked great, but did not work for my stove

    While this shelf did not work for my stove and I had to return it, it was just what I needed. The people at Stove Shelf were very helpful in assisting me with my refund. If they make the shelf with stronger magnets I will be first in line to order. I received my refund as soon as they had receipt of my FED EX tracking number. Again as stated above it was exactly what I was looking for, looked great, but did not work for my stove.

    One person found this helpful

  501. Amazon Customer

    Otherwise – awesome.

    Sadly I could not use it with my new stove. The back is rounded instead of square. Otherwise – awesome.

  502. Donna J

    Good quality

    This fit my stove perfectly and installed in an instant. Good quality with strong magnets. Just seemed a bit pricey for what it is, but can tell it is quality product.

  503. Donna Stewart

    Extra storage, stove had no ledge, works great.

    Works as promised, needed for top of stove.

  504. june slater

    Exactly what it says!

    I was really skeptical because I have ordered things like this before, and they never work out. This could not have been easier.

  505. Greg K.

    Perfect addition to our stove.

    Sturdy shelf that attaches easily with magnets. Perfect length for our Samsung stove. Nice place for commonly used seasonings and spoon rest.

  506. Jordan

    Much needed

    I agree with others that this is pricey for what it is. But I really needed some additional spice storage space, so I sucked it up and paid it. Stuck it right on and it gave me the space I needed.

  507. Angelique


    This is such an amazing addition to my kitchen stove. It lets you have your most used spices easy at hand.

  508. Amazon Customer

    Take a chance

    Took a chance love it . Out of the box onto the top of the stove instant space .

  509. Reniece

    Must have for a range

    Was exactly what I was looking for. Now my mom wants one!

  510. D. MacPhee

    It is exactly what it says it is…a sturdy shelf

    This was by far the best COVID purchase for home organization I’ve made. Installation is silly easy. Magnets on the shelf are nice and strong. And I’m fully confident I’m not going to lose a pepper shaker behind my oven again.

  511. Deb Miller

    Very sturdy, serves it’s purpose.

    This is so much more than I expected. Fits perfectly, very sturdy and the aluminum one I purchase matches well with my black stove. Highly satisfied.

  512. hmidwest

    Love it!

    Very easy to install, and efficient in use.

  513. christopher dillon

    Simple and useful

    It does the job. I can get lots of spices I use regularly, just where I need them.

  514. Melissa Phillips

    Great buy!!

    We had to buy a new stove and it didn’t come as close to the wall as our previous one. I ordered this hoping it would work. Wonderful! Able to store all the same stuff on it and it’s so sturdy.

  515. Ang

    You need this to cover the gap!

    I replaced my stove with a new LG Gas stove. Guess what? LG didn’t allow a space underneath this stove for the gas hookup. So my stove sits about 4″ away from the wall. I HATED HOW THIS LOOKED. My stove is black stainless steel, and the regular stainless steel shelf looks like it was made to be on this stove. I AM SO HAPPY to have that ugly space covered up!! LOVE THIS

    10 people found this helpful

  516. Fresh

    Works great.

    Keeps all my stuff from falling behind the stove. I use it for my spices. Love it.

  517. Carmen Garcia

    No hassle installation

    Item is sturdy and attractive.

  518. Natalie

    Exactly as described

    No installation. Just set on top of stove. Looks like part of the stove. Very sturdy. Just want I needed for my small kitchen.

  519. DG

    Didn’t fit my stove!

    I really wanted this to work! I loved the idea of having a shelf over my stove. But this did not work with mine. It also came in dented. I was able to return it without any issues.

    One person found this helpful

  520. Christina

    Very fast installation!

    I am very satisfied with this product! Highly recommend it! Thank you for great service.

  521. PAT

    Love it.

    Very nice. Attractive addition.

  522. granny

    This works great. I now have my spices I use all …

    This works great. I now have my spices I use all the time on the shelf and it hides most of the space. My oven is farther away from the wall than this covers, but it doesn’t look to bad and it is sturdy and fits great.

    One person found this helpful

  523. Penny W.

    Good quality, sturdy storage shelf.

    This shelf is made of sturdy metal and snapped right to the top of the stove. Fits well and provides a great storage space for salt, pepper and a few spices. Great product!

  524. Dave


    This is so cute. Makes it easy to put spices or anything up top and it won’t fall behind.sturdy. fits and blends in perfect. Great invention .price kinda high but it is stainless steel

  525. Dionne Heflin

    If you need to add soaceto your kitchen..this is agood buy

    I don’t have counter soace a d my stove isnt normal size. This item gaveme the space i needed for my everyday used spices and my butter tray.i love it

  526. Amazon Customer

    Awesome additional space and sharp looking!

    Absolutely love the additional space this sturdy and attractive stove shelf offers. Really maximizes use of dead space. Love things that add utility to things. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to make good use of their cooking space. Thanks

  527. antoinette mendez

    Great item

    I absolutely love it, strudy, strong magnets which keep the shelf nicely in place. goes nicely with my black stove. I’m really glad I purchased this because I was sick of having some of my kitchen counter space being taken up in my small apartment.

  528. A.s


    This is perfect to clear your counter of small things like Pam, oil etc

  529. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Fantastic addition to the kitchen!

  530. Patricia A. Thomas


    I like this shelf but it needs some sort of “lip” or something to keep items on the shelf because with having to open & close the oven door the items are moving & falling off the shelf on to the top of the stove. Can’t really keep anything on the shelf. Very disappointed. Keeping it but just adding small decorative items that I can use double sided tape on the bottom of the item so it sticks to the shelf.

  531. Natalie

    I use it backwards and I love it!

    I use it backwards to keep the seasonings from falling onto the stove or into food! Before the seasons would always fall when I was grabbing one down.

    One person found this helpful

  532. Sandra Harlacker

    False information

    The photo when I ordered this item showed it covering the full length of stove top and description said 30 inches, the shelf was only 20 inches

    One person found this helpful

  533. Sharon McCann

    Very Nice

    Love it! I’ve got an older stove so the magnet doesn’t stick to it perfectly, but it still stays on great! Makes my old stove look better.

  534. Montalbano



  535. Niklas

    My countertops thank you!

    My stove has a slight curve but this stove shelf holds perfectly on it. Super easy to put on. The magnets are strong. More space on my counter.

  536. Ed Man


    I accidentally clicked on the wrong size but I made it work. My tiny kitchenette need the storage. Now I have a place to put a spoon rest. Magnets are strong. If I need more, I wouldn’t hesitate to contract seller for extra magnets. Other reviews said they did with good result. Even with the wrong size I an still pleased and would buy again.

  537. Karen Lutz

    Good product to cover the gap between my oven and wall.

    More expensive than others I saw after purchase.

  538. Nadine M.

    good product

    It works perfect for my stove

  539. Super Woman

    Wish I looked for this thing years ago!!

    I was a little sceptical when I ordered this. But I must say I’m impressed thus far. The magnets are very deceiving and much stronger then they appear. The shelf itself hold everything I need within arms length which is great!

  540. Ms.Young


    Not wide enough.

  541. Viking

    Gives the stove a completed look

    Great item. Holds basic spices well. Completes the look of our stainless stove/oven.

  542. Amazon Customer

    I’m in love!

    No more mess of bottles scattered on counter and no more spice bottles falling off the back of stove…. love this!!!

  543. Amazon Customer

    Stove top organization!

    Kitchen game changer! I love it. Very easy to install and it’s worked with two different stoves, since I moved right after purchasing. Looks lovely as well.

  544. Moco

    Good product for the price

    I now can place my salt and pepper shakers and toothpick holder on top. We got a new kitchen and couldn’t do that until I purchased the shelf. Easy to install with strong magnets

  545. shearsie

    Brilliant product

    I searched for this item, not thinking I would find the exact thing to fit my needs (a 1 inch gap between the stove thing and the wall) and I found this! It turned out to be a perfect fit and allows me to have a small shelf to put my salt and pepper shakers, providing a little more storage space on the counter. I only wish I had invented this!

  546. Ryan Stromberg

    Great product

    Item is as described, customer service and shipping were very fast!

  547. RG

    Sleek look

    Perfect fit

  548. Rene


    Easy solution for small kitchen, more shelf

  549. Amazon Customer

    Does what it’s meant for

    I needed a shelf for my stove because of the gap between the stove and backsplash but this one is a tad bit short. It is easy to install since it’s just magnetic but I had to put a barrier to keep things from sliding. (I used a layer of clear double sided tape). It does what it says.

  550. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    I really love this shelf!!! It also came in earlier than expected.

  551. Zay5775

    It’s really great, and saves a lot of space

    I was hesitant about this product, tried it and I’m delighted, all my spices are within reach and it does fit my old stove. It saves a lot of space and attaches just as promised

  552. A. Slama

    Great product

    This thing is fantastic! Super easy install, only a few seconds to get it lined up properly. Great value and adds a nice stable ledge to store things on an otherwise unstable surface. Highly recommend, great buy.

  553. Amazon Customer

    Really looks nice

    Really enjoy on back of stove .able to sit knick knacks on it well worth buying

  554. jasia


    Not bad. It is not very sturdy though.

  555. Dan Lusk

    Cool shelf


  556. Carmel Powell

    Convenient & easy to install

    Love this shelf. Easy to install. Convenient

  557. Terrie

    Excellent product.

    I love it. Thank you.

  558. Lisa

    Finally! Exactly what I was looking for!

    Replaced a wooden shelf over my stove with this and it is a perfect fit. Looks like it is a part of the stove. Can’t even tell that is a separate piece. Wipes clean and holds everything I need it to hold! Great Product!

  559. Bonnie Hardwick


    Lots of room for storage however a little disappointed at the strength of the magnets. Overall holds well but if in a wrong position stuff that sits on top can migrate forward and fall on the cooktop so be mindful of what you place there and the position of the shelf. It is pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.

    One person found this helpful

  560. AnitaD

    This is a great shelf for a small kitchen needing shelf space

    This is a great shelf for a small kitchen needing shelf space. I couldn’t use it because it covered my vent system but wish I’d had it with my other stove. great idea!

  561. Krys

    This Was Everything We Needed For Our Spices

    This is 100% awesome. It’s a gigantic metal shelf for your spices for on top of your stove. Don’t think. Just buy it!

  562. Roberta L. Havholm

    What a great product!

    We had it on the stove in 5 minutes. The magnets are very strong and it does not move. Looks like it was part of the stove. Awesome idea.

  563. Christy Zeigler

    I use it backwards.

    I use it backwards. It keeps spice jars from falling off the shelf. The only downside is that it covers the on/off button for my oven light.

  564. Penny D.

    Win space with this product!

    Thank goodness someone invented this wonderful product. I live in a tiny home and it has won me more space than I thought possible. Love it!

  565. Rachel Dyer

    Holds all my spices

    This holds all my spices in my kitchen and is very sturdy.

  566. K7m

    Am using

    Ordered too small should have orded the 30 inch

  567. B. W.

    Great kitchen tool!

    Love this shelf. It has shims to lift it over my oven light switch. Very happy with this purchase.

  568. Amazon Customer

    Excellent storage space

    Only down side for me is that I have the oven light switch on top. My fault for not realizing this when I ordered

  569. Lisa Siejko

    It looks great & all you needed to do is put it on top of my stove.

    This product I would recommend to everyone. It looks great, installs easily & love the look. I love it!!!!!!!!

  570. Missy

    My stove top is slightly curved

    I have a stove that’s got the slight curve on top at both ends . This shelf overhangs on the front by about 2&1/2″ it doesn’t set level when trying to push it back to be flush in the front …as some of the customer photos show . It has 2 thin magnets .I think I would be happier with it if it sat more flush with the top of my stove .

  571. Anita Murphy

    Easy Clean perfect solution

    Exactly what I need. It fits perfectly and looks as if it came with the stove. Solved my salt and Pepper issue!!!

  572. rose

    Works well

    Just what I needed

  573. Todd

    This thing is actually pretty awesome. It took longer to take it out …

    This thing is actually pretty awesome. It took longer to take it out of the package than it did to set up and start using. Opened up a little space on my countertop. The magnets secure it in place pretty well. Definitely would recommend this to others.

  574. Vee


    Prefect. The magnet is strong so it doesn’t move around. I don’t have things falling behind the stove.

  575. Cheryl Schneer

    For the quality, I definitely got my monies worth.

    It’s as good as the mfg. claims. I bought a new stove and there wasn’t much room on the top for spices and such. It’s a perfect fit and the magnets are strong. I bought the stainless steel shelf and paid more, but it’s definitely a great addition to my stove

  576. Stacey S.


    I should have bought this a LONG time ago! Finally don’t have to worry about things falling behind the stove! It is perfect. Easy to install, stays in place.

  577. Jill Morton

    Great idea! Perfect added storage

    Love this product! I only wish they cut out a hole in the top so you’re a light switch for your oven could fit through.

  578. Marla S.

    Very handy

    I love this! Fits great on my stove . I keep my most used spices on the shelf .

  579. Jairline Samuel

    Did not meet my expectation.

    I like it but did not meet my expectation. Looking for the shelf to be wider to storage my toaster and coffee pot.

  580. Laney johnson


    Great product

  581. Jesse Spence


    This is the greatest spice rack OF ALL TIME

  582. Nate Abbott


    Only wish it was about 1″ deeper

  583. Yaya

    Worth the buy

    I like it, I did use it backward because the seasoning would fall forward but I love jt

  584. Midhhath Afza

    The best !

    I love it !

  585. Erinn Andrews

    Perfect for tight places

    This is awesome is you live in a tight place ! We live in a tiny apartment with hardly any storage. It fits nicely on top of the stove. Super easy to install. And it fits a ton of stuff on it. It’s also is great if you are renting because it doesn’t do any damage

  586. Shellz

    I felt stupid paying $40 for a piece of metal…

    but i have no regrets. This shelf is absolutely perfect. There’s an alternative out there but the reviews say it’s flimsy. this shelf is anything but that.

    One person found this helpful

  587. Robert P. Wetsel

    Five Stars

    Adds some very valuable kitchen real estate in my tenant’s tiny kitchen.

    2 people found this helpful

  588. NIKKI

    5 Stars

    Great purchase this shelf looks like it belongs on the stove. The shelf has plenty of room for my spices and is well worth the price.

  589. Real feedback

    Heavy duty

    This is great for storing my most used spices right where I need them. Its not flimsy. The only thing I’d say that needs improvement are the magnets. They aren’t very big. I purchased some additional magnets to make sure it would stay in place.

  590. Samantha Vattimo

    Looks great and helpful

    Love this looks great with my stove and hold my spices

  591. Pam

    Perfect solution.

    My kitchen is small and not arranged very conveniently. This shelf, which installs in about two seconds, gives me the perfect place to store bottles of cooking oils so they are within easy reach.

  592. Brandi Smith

    It’s awesome. Buy it!

    Absolutely awesome!

  593. Xeina

    Highly recommend

    This stove shelf is perfect for my stove and high quality. The magnet is so strong.I bought it because there is a gap between the stove and wall so I couldn’t store my spices, and this was the perfect solution.

  594. Kathy

    Very useful

    Actually looks like a part of the stove, very nice looking. Best part is it prevents things from falling behind the stove if you are unable to have your stove flush against the wall

  595. LasVegas1100

    Love it!!

    Took out of the box and placed it on stove. Can not get any easier than that. The magnets are strong, so make sure you know where you are putting it, so not to scratch top of stove. My stove (as you can see by picture) is slightly curved, but it works great. The added space for storage of those little items, you are always searching for (that your husband put back in the wrong spot) is great.

    One person found this helpful

  596. mhcrane

    Would recommend and buy again

    This is very nice and sturdy. Made well. Wife loves it.

    One person found this helpful

  597. Monika

    Very good quality stove shelf

    This is a beautiful shelf and fits perfectly to cover the gap between the wall and the range. I thought it was a bit expensive. I put a strip of blue foam window insulation under it so it wouldn’t scratch the range. Looks great!

    One person found this helpful

  598. Barbara J Maupin

    Ingenious, simple space-saving design!

    Wow! Ridiculously excited about this product! It offers me some much needed convenient space for when I’m cooking. I simply placed it on top of my stovetop, and then move my most used spices from my cabinet of to this shelf. It freed up space in my cabinet and helped me keep stuff off my counters. Puts my olive oil, salt, pepper, etc. within reach. I puked stuff on top and it had remained stable and in place. So much better than putting holes in your tile or wall to mount something above your stove!

  599. ALZ

    Just what I needed, very nice

    Just what I needed and expected. Perfect for oils and s/p plus pretty extras. Sits level and secure. Space was needed for these items because my new stove has 5 burners.

  600. Hotlippsthemage

    Love it!

    Love it. Love it. Love it. Installs in seconds. Sturdy. Magnets hold strong. Adds additional space to my kitchen. Looks like it’s part of the stove.

  601. Yenice rosado

    Not worth the money its not study at all…I can’t use it for my stove

    Not worth the money

  602. Amazon Customer

    Pics are deceiving

    The shelf doesn’t run full length of stove

  603. guadalupe cajaraville

    Five Stars


  604. Tuzz11

    Great shelf

    Great shelf for extra storage on the stove!

  605. Amazon Customer

    Disappointed. Not as described!

    I don’t like the punch hole in the back left corner. I selected this more expensive shelf because it does not show the hole. I contacted the Seller, they said the hole is part of manufacturing process that they thot was included in description. Quality for price I’m not satisfied! One month later they still haven’t included detail.

  606. June Kelso

    Quick fix for seasonings

    It serves my purpose of having things off my small counter space. But appears to be cheaply made. No one else will notice

  607. Beth H.

    Really great product

    So easy to install, looks perfect and gives added space for seasonings in small kitchen

  608. Amazon Ann

    It scratched up my stove on the corners

    All I know is it scratched up my stove, My stove is black

    One person found this helpful

  609. VV

    ‘Reveling’ in my purchase decision

    This shelf is the the answer to my storage problems in my galley kitchen.The magnets are ,indeed, strong.It affixes firmly and stays in place.The piece is one piece and well made.Thanks

  610. ninnarae

    Quality piece!

    This is well made, perfect for closing the gap and creating a shelf! Just what I wanted!

  611. Mary Armstrong

    It’s great!

    The shelf is a life saver!

  612. Armann

    Strong magnets

    Good and strong shelf, gives you extra space! Just A little bit expensive

    One person found this helpful

  613. Debbie Tarter

    Great job

    Love my shelf just what I was looking for

  614. Katiana

    Don’t bother

    Save your money. Save it!

    One person found this helpful

  615. T. Sewter

    Perfect fit

    Was looking for something to bridge the gap between the wall and the stove and this did the job. Magnets are strong and placed appropriately to accommodate the curved head of the stove. Looks and feels quality. Great buy.



    fits perfectly

  617. Amazon Customer

    Problem solved

    Old stove had a flat top new one is curved this fixed my problem. I did have to find some L brackets and attach them to the back of the stove to mount it. Would be a nice option to include in the package.

  618. RUserious_8

    Stainless Range Shelf

    This stainless shelf is perfect for the top of my range. I can keep frequently used itemsin easy reach. Installs over top instantly.Just set it on top.Good purchase.

  619. Nancy

    Just ok

    Not as wide as I thought. Doesn’t go to the wall. Kept wanting to tip backwards. Had to keep flipping it so it would be more steady.

  620. D. Stier

    Very Useful

    Slips right on and doesn’t wobble.

  621. Bestramirez23

    Great idea.

    Fits perfect. Looks really nice.

  622. jct

    Great product

    I love this product. Easy to install and very useful.

  623. Dungeoner

    Useful Shelf

    Great little shelf for an otherwise useless stove control top. Magnets are very strong to hold it in place.

  624. amyjoy

    Overpriced sheet metal – NOT magnetic

    Item arrived in a cardboard box. No padding or protection. As I was unboxing I was unimpressed. This is nothing more than bent sheet metal. No finishing. Sharp edges. Not magnetic. Finger prints easily. There are 2 magnets glued to the bottom. These are the only 2 areas the shelf is magnetic. It overhangs my 30″ range by about an inch and the edge and corner are sharp. I am concerned about possi ly cutting myself while reaching for utensils. The shelf merely rests on the stove and is only held in place the the top of the stove display and the wall behind it. Not very secure. I think the price is about double what it should be for this underengineered item.

    10 people found this helpful

  625. Barbara Bull


    Did not fit my stove top. Keep

  626. maria gamez

    It serves it’s purpose

    The shelf is very sturdy,only becareful when cleaning the edges in the front for it is sharp and you will cut yourself as my husband did. Overall, I’m happy with the shelf. Thankyou M.Gamez

  627. Carolyn Ferguson Moore

    Just buy it – you need it.

    Love this shelf. Let’s me put things right at my fingertips.

  628. janice saxman

    Great for the top of the stove


    One person found this helpful

  629. Shuki

    Great extra shelf

    This is totally worth it if you need extra shelf for your spices. The magnet is strong and the shelf itself is in good quality.

  630. Andrea Beach

    Sturdy shelf

    Easy to install, no tools required

  631. 99%

    Won’t work on front-back curved surfaces. But great customer service.

    Didn’t work for us. Tried to return, Got refund, Didn’t have to return the product.

  632. Dustin R. Taylor

    A little pricy, but totally worth it.

    So, it is always more convenient to put stuff on the stove than back in the cabinets. This works perfect for storing regularly used spices above the stove. Very sturdy, and fits perfectly – only wished that I had purchased it sooner.

  633. Amy Tamminga

    … behind my stove so this shelf is ideal for easy access to my daily spices

    I don’t have a wall behind my stove so this shelf is ideal for easy access to my daily spices.

    One person found this helpful

  634. cat


    Excellent purchase. Fits perfectly. Strong and sturdy to hold bottles of oils for cooking. Matches our stainless steel stove beautifully. Looks as though it’s been there all along. Highly recommend!

  635. tds

    Great Product

    Our stove is slightly curved and the top where the shelf sits has a lip and isn’t completely flat. I took a pic and sent it to the seller asking if he thought it would still work. He promptly replied with a yes. So I ordered it and am so glad I did. The top not being completely flat doesn’t make any difference at all. The slight curve prevents the edge of the shelf from sitting flush across the width but you can’t tell at all. It’s sturdy, the magnets are strong and it holds several spice jars creating a finished look. I definitely recommend this product!

  636. Julie Anthony

    A must

    Best product ever, solid great magnetic to hold shelf on…you cannot tell its not part of stove.

  637. Goodwood

    Great extra shelf

    Love it. So sturdy, I have a very small kitchen and needed more storage. Great for spices.

  638. Royce

    Highly recommend

    Arrived on time. Relatively no installation needed, just set it on the top of the back of your stove. Rooming for larger spice containers. I recommend it as long as the back of your stove, where you will set it is flat. The surface can not be bowed or angled.

  639. Kim

    Stove shelf

    Worked out really great. Only thing was the husband put a can of pepper on it. It is held on with magnets. He couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t move the can. Lol. Will be ordering again for the kids stoves too.

  640. Sarah

    I’m happy with this self ?

    So glad I got this shelf to hold my spices. It prevents items from falling behind the stove. Also the ?’s keeps it secure in place. ??‘s up ?

  641. Joan B.

    Nice brushed finish on more expensive model

    It nicely finishes off the top of the stove, stays right in place and is useful to make salt and pepper closer at hand.

  642. MeloDD

    Great Product!

    Love it, saves a lot of space!

  643. SC


    Arrived with an obvious dent on front.

  644. Carlos morrissey

    Looks great

    Nice product.Fits nice and looks professional

  645. jeanief

    Stove shelf

    Looks like it’s part of the stove. Blends beautifully.

  646. T Johnson

    Great product

    Merry Christmas!

  647. Irma Weber

    Works great

    Looks great only wish it is wider

  648. Karen N Lawrence

    Attractive addition

    This shelf serves the double purpose of closing the gap between the range and the wall so nothing slips down behind it, and also providing a handy spot for frequently used salt and pepper or decorative items. Bought one for myself as well as for my daughter, and she also likes it. It blends right in with the stainless steel range. One caution, the lower edge is sharp and when running a cloth under it to clean the front of the range, I sliced my finger.

  649. Kayla

    Won’t sit flat

    It looks great but wouldn’t sit flat on my oven. I just flipped it around so the ledge is at the front and protects things from falling off. But it is a bit of an annoyance to be so sloped.

    One person found this helpful

  650. MCR Elevator Repair

    Scratch and weak

    It came with scratches on it. The magnets are not strong enough to hold it up. I bought the stainless for our main house and it was much nicer choice.

  651. Lee Bx

    Love this product

    I have a small kitchen and was looking for ways to add more storage. I came across this product and read the reviews. I received my delivery early and was so pleased. This shelf was so easy to install and gives me extra storage for everyday items such as spices and my EVOO. I love this product a must buy.

  652. VKos

    Good, put pricey for what it is.

    This is a great over the back of the stove shelf, however, it is not quite wide enough to be much use. It barely is deeper than the stove already was and I feel it is too expensive for what it is. I’ll keep and use it, but would of liked it to be about an inch deeper.

  653. Jill K

    Great space saver

    I have limited counter space near my oven. This shelf allows me to keep spices and oils close and convenient when I’m cooking.

  654. M


    Very convenient for spices!

  655. Debbie

    Stove shelf

    It fits perfectly and suits the purpose of its design

  656. Jordan Arrick

    Love it

    It’s just goes on with a magnet. Super easy to install and love the extra storage space on top.

  657. Richard

    Looks and fits great

    I’m extremely happy with the look and fit of this product. However, I would like the magnets to be stronger to give a tighter, stronger hold. Besides that it’s perfect.

  658. BJ

    Easy to install!

    This is a must-have if you need extra space for spices.

  659. Helen Ferrell

    Capacity and appearance very useful

    Storage, decor, stable and secure, no problem to install.

  660. Amazon Customer

    This will save me time cooking.

    perfect for what I needed it for.

  661. Mark

    Five Stars

    Great find and solves the stove top storage problem

  662. MauiLife

    If any curve it will not adhere

    Cannot have a slope forward or rounding forward where it is to be placed. Comes with two magnets that would have been fine for a totally straight topped oven but not for a rounded top.

    3 people found this helpful

  663. Kenny

    Excellent product and customer service.

    Product is exactly as described and works perfectly. Had an issue with shipping and the seller responded to my email with a solution within 2 hours. Best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Will order from again.

  664. Amazon Customer

    The perfect addition to any stainless steel range

    Looks good, works great — and easy to install (no tools required). Good quality stainless steel. Had to request a replacement since the first one delivered arrived in damaged packaging and bent at one end, but StoveShelf sent another one immediately.

  665. Heavy Metal Chef

    Chef approved.

    Should have bought one of these years ago.

  666. Jasmine Liamkeo

    Love it!

    Love the idea of being able to put things on top of my stove. The only thing o have a problem with is that it covers the oven light switch. It turns on/off whenever there’s pressure on top of it.


    nice shelf

    it is not as sturdy, as I though. but it is great for what I am using it for.

  668. Elaine


    The only thing I can think of, about people complaining the magnets aren’t strong enough, is that they must have gotten a defective one. Seriously, the magnets are extra strong. I’m extremely satisfied with mine.

  669. RK

    Exactly what I wan

    I had a huge gap behind the gas stove. This really helped hide that gap and I was able to put my Full size salt and peppers with no Problem. Plenty of space to add more things! Great item to have with small kitchen!

  670. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Just what I wanted

  671. Amazon Customer


    Love it

  672. Bushi


    love it, works perfectly for additional space over the stove

  673. Diane

    Strong hold

    Love love love this item. I’m so glad I ordered it, it fit beautifuly and it looks like it came with the stove. The magnetic pull is strong, before I even got it in place I could feel the pull. I can’t rate durability yet because I’ve only had it for 2 weeks. I will be purchasing 2 more for my kids.Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!

  674. Janice Jackson

    Stove shelf

    I love it, it was the perfect fit for the stove as seen in the photo, everything I use fits just right.

  675. Louise G Smith

    The final touch!

    This is exactly what I needed. It finishes the look of my stove. Very satisfied with it.

  676. Robert Allen


    This shelf is definitely high quality. I’ve shone this shelf to two friends and both touched the shelf in multiple places and said ” wow, well made shelf “. They both asked how it was attached and I said magnetic. Don’t know why I didn’t order it before.

    One person found this helpful

  677. Suzyqtexas

    Great product, but came dented

    Love the product! I use it to store all my spices on and it freed up so much room on my countertop. Very sleek design and seems sturdy! Only reason I docked a star was because it came with a dent on the front (pictured.) But it’s doesn’t bother me enough to return it especially since it took over 2 weeks to get it.

  678. Kyle Swyers


    Easy to install and very sturdy

  679. Pennie Webb

    It was what I was hoping it would be

    Love it!!!

  680. Lozy

    Easy and awesome

    Got it early….easy as just sitting it on top! Doing a black and white theme so I like thee different color choices! Now I gotta get one for my mom!

  681. Angie_Pangie

    Get this!!!

    I wish I found this earlier!! Love it so much. I was always having to move my stove out to retrieve dropped items. This looks nice and stays put!

  682. Amazon Customer

    Love my StoveShelf

    Great product! Excellent idea for a ver practical yet decorative purpose.

  683. Jen mango

    Seriously no installation

    It literally is a shelf that magnetized to the top of your stove. Just plopped it right on top.It helps hide most of the gap I had behind the stove.Watch your fingers when you “install it”.

  684. Rie

    Excellent stove top shelf

    I love this shelf!! Very well made.

  685. starz


    I bought the black magnetic shelf and absolutely love it. I should have bought it years ago. I keep my timer and battery operated clock on it.

  686. P. S. Allen

    Strong magnetic field

    I loved everything about this shelf. Easy open packaging, substantially hefty in my hands, placed on the back of the stove and, voila, the perfect shelf that wasn’t there before.

  687. Jamie Cooper

    Easy to install! SO STURDY!!!

    Soooo easy to install!! I was so worried I would have to wait for my hubby to get home and put it up for me but because of the strong magnet, it popped right on there and hasn’t moved! It is PERFECT!!! It fit perfectly, it is very sturdy and durable! You won’t regret it !!

  688. Deborah E. Newton

    Sturdy – Useful

    like it and it does give me a place to put ingredients specific to what I am cooking. it came with a slight dimple that was obviously caused in shipping – most damage happens due to poor packaging – make note!


    Strong magnet hold

    It has a strong hold to the top of my new stove and is just what I needed since we are unable to have it flush against wall because of the convection oven fan. I gave it 4 stars because edges are sharp and can cut the skin if you’re not careful.

  690. Amazon Customer

    Must have!

    This is such an inexpensive and simply way to add a little more space in the kitchen. It’s helped eliminate clutter on my counter. My stove is not magnetic but I used adhesive magnetic strips on the stove so the shelf would hold and it works great.

  691. Amazon Customer

    Strong magnet

    Strong magnet holding it in place; fits great on my stove; easy to install and clean

  692. Sami Sweetheart

    Bad shipping

    Opened the box and it is bent out of shape.

    One person found this helpful

  693. Aranzazu

    Not bad

    Not bad. Very thin piece of magnetic metal. Very adhesive and has a good amount of room for storage. My biggest complaint and the reason I give it 3 stars is because the corners/edges were very sharp. I ordered it in black and it had a few tiny scratches that exposed the silver underneath.

  694. Ed St Martin

    What an amazingly simple and effective product!

    Out of the box and onto the stove in a matter of seconds! It looks great and functions well – no more stuff knocked behind the stove!!

  695. Beth A. Miller

    Perfect addition!

    Love this product!! Added the perfect touch!!

  696. Craig B

    Great idea and would look great on a stainless steels stove.

    It’s a great concept but it just didn’t work for me. I have black stainless steel stove so this just didn’t look right. Great product though. The magnets holding the shelf in place were good. I would recommend to anyone who has a normal stainless steel stove. The company was very nice and provided a refund when I explained.

  697. Michelle

    Highly recommended, would buy again to give as a house warming gift!

    Perfect for a small kitchen with limited space.

  698. Isaac Meyers

    Organized to the max

    I had spices and utensils everywhere. So sleek and clean looking with easy assembly.

  699. mary

    Perfect fit

    Perfect fitGreat concept great service

  700. ER

    Worth it 100%!

    Great piece! Super simple and easy to use. Highly recommend.

  701. Nicole Handel

    Five Stars

    Super easy install & looks good. We have a GE electric stove & it worked perfectly.

  702. Beverly Dockery

    The size was perfect

    I love having some of my spices right in front of me. The shelf is the best thing I bought for my kitchen in quite a while.